Berlinale-winner was not allowed to take a bear yourself

"There is no Evil" is the German title of this year's Berlinale-winning film. But the Iranian Regime is not the man who has him shot. As President of the jur

Berlinale-winner was not allowed to take a bear yourself

"There is no Evil" is the German title of this year's Berlinale-winning film. But the Iranian Regime is not the man who has him shot. As President of the jury Jeremy Irons in the Berlinale Palast on Saturday evening called his name, was Director Mohammed Rasulof 3500 kilometers away in the home. Because he's not allowed to leave the country, took his daughter Baran the bear. She lives with her mother in Hamburg, and plays a role in the Film a main.

According to the will of the regime is not likely to give it to the Film "There Is No Evil", of course. He deals with the death penalty, which is enforced in Iran are often full: 2018-documented by Amnesty International 253 executions, only in China there were more. In the center of the Killed, but the executioner – state officials, soldiers, which routes the penalty are not available. Or refuse to do, and the consequences have to live with.

As a short film disguised under a false name

As of the with a two-year prohibition from practising a profession occupied a Director could shoot such a thing? "There Is No Evil", with a duration of two and a half hours from four different episodes. Each part was registered as a stand-alone short film, always under the name of another assistant Director, said the producers at the press conference. In the case of short films, the authority do not look so exactly. Was shot also, except for the first Episode, always somewhere in the solitude of the mountains and the forests. And in the case of the Tehran Episode Director Rasoulof was not on the Set.

an intense Film that orbits around the subject, sometimes subtly, sometimes, however, also clearly Emerged. With his clenched, he was balancing a logical winner of the Berlinale. Especially since it sets a Tradition: five years Ago, Rasoulofs Iranian friend and work colleague Jafar Panahi "Taxi Tehran" won the Golden bear. And could not take him also. "There Is No Evil" was purchased in Berlin by the Swiss Trigon-film rental. And will also be here to see.

Silver bear for Swiss co-production

Empty the Swiss production of "sister went out at the award ceremony", in which Nina Hoss in the main role of the favourites had to be counted. As the best main actress Paula Beer was awarded, in the movie "Undine" by Christian Petzold (who had previously directed a number of movies with Nina Hoss). And best actor was Elio Germano, who plays in "Volevo Nascondermi" the Italian painter Antonio Ligabue. This one has spent his Childhood in the Swiss people's homes before it was purchased by the authorities of Italy.

The first ten minutes of this film is spoken in Switzerland German, but he was Swiss funds. The Italian-Swiss co-production "Favolacce" the brothers D'innocenzo won the Silver bear for best screenplay. And beyond the competition, the Swiss production "Saudi Runaway received" by Susanne Regina Meures two recognitions: the second audience award of the Panorama section, as well as a special mention from the Ecumenical Jury. This is a story of a young woman from Saudi Arabia who secretly filmed their escape from the country, comes in the autumn in the Swiss cinemas.

for More Berlinale bears, the American Film "Never Rarely Sometimes Always" by Eliza Hittman (Great prize of the Jury) received. The South Korean master Hong Sangsoo for "The Woman Who Ran" (best Director award). German cinematographer Jürgen Jürges for his work on the Russian "Dau"-of the project. As well as the French directing Duo Benoît Delépine / Gustave Kervern for your Social Media Farce "Effacer l historique".

Carlo Chatrian convinced not

these are good movies. And not to convince but could the former Locarno-Director Carlo Chatrian on his first deployment as artistic Director of the Berlinale is still really. He presented a competition with little star power and experiments. His real love, even in the appearances, seemed more of a movie series of Encounters to apply, which he had been introduced to the new. In every respect, more daring films to see, which would be partially the main competition but also good.

The main winner in this category bears the title "The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin)". He describes the life of a farmer's wife in a Japanese mountain village. The Chance that he will come to the Swiss cinemas, however, is low. He lasts exactly eight hours.

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