A go-kart for the City

In the case of the hybrid they were drives in the front of it, and in the case of the fuel cell. Just from a pure battery vehicles (BEV) have left it with Honda

A go-kart for the City

In the case of the hybrid they were drives in the front of it, and in the case of the fuel cell. Just from a pure battery vehicles (BEV) have left it with Honda for a long fingers. But now the Japanese did not push back more against the Trend and riding on the electric wave. Although you are mostly hybrids and Plug my-Ins, if you announce to 2022, at least one electrified variant for all European high-volume models, but as the spearhead of the Stromer, you bring in may, the Honda E at the Start. Just under four metres long and 43100 francs in tax, he is against the currently-featured Mini Cooper SE, the Renault Zoe or the electric twins the Opel Corsa and Peugeot e-208.

affects the success of the Zoe, in spite of the major face lift a few months ago, a little older and the other small cars more or less well were converted, they say, Honda E to the time jump: "as the electric car developed, he is supposed to show today, how the car of tomorrow will be tailored," explains project Manager Takahiro Shinya, and says so next to the drive, especially the wizard and the ambience.

After 30 minutes to be recharged to 80 percent of The battery is limited to 35.5 kWh.

Because no matter how charming of a Manga-Comic stemming from Honda looks and how sweet he sparkles from his eyes – with the electric drive alone, so much is also the Japanese can now hardly more. Only if you limited yourself to the city traffic and the engine and battery, therefore, rather modest interpretation. The E-machine in the Honda E Advance only 113 kW, or the age of currency 154 HP. The torque is at a maximum of 315 Nm. Zero to 100 E in 8.3 seconds and at 145 km/h creates the electronics pulls the plug.

In the case of a gyro, you would like to have an extra round turn

the Honda E in order on the paper behind the competitors, but in practice the Japanese offer noticeably more Fun to Drive. As with the drive in the rear axle, and a variable steering with an extremely small turning circle of 4.3 meters (Smart Fortwo 6,95 meters), the four doors around the corner like a go kart and the Mini driving feel so as to be closer than the Original. Rarely, the city traffic has been so much Fun, and rotors, one is tempted almost to turn an extra round – the City is at the fun Park!

However, Honda has optimized the E only Fun, but also to Save and, therefore, Recuperation paddles to the steering Wheel is screwed. Where it used to be the gears of the automatic switch, you can regulate the resistance of the motor and with it the degree of energy recovery. And who doesn't want more at all, the brakes mechanically, the simply pushes the One-Pedal-button switches on maximum recuperation and brings the car to actually Lift the Gasfusses to a stop.

The digital exterior mirrors are included in the price

As for the drive, Honda also puts the battery on reason: Because the average driving power of the customers is statistically at just 40 kilometres of the day and because each battery cell space, weight and, above all, costs money, limited Honda to 35.5 kWh – and only a little more than 200 miles. However, at the latest at the charging station is an advantage: it is designed from the disadvantage For the strongest currents, the batteries of the Honda E so in the best case, already after half an hour again to 80 per cent full.

saving Honda to the battery, plug the Japanese in the quick charging technology and, above all, to Infotainment. Because the Cockpit of the Honda is composed exclusively of screens: Digital instruments behind the steering Wheel, in addition, two large touch screens with App control and voice control as a replacement for most of the buttons, and the right and the left of two monitors for the digital mirrors. The cost, unlike in the twice as expensive Audi e-tron no extra charge, but are Standard. And the screens are much better positioned. In contrast, the other electric small wagon quite old and stuffy.

The Cockpit consists of screens: Also in the Infotainment was invested.

all The more painful is the contrast to the rest of the interior: The seat covers in Retro is the Look to go still in order, just like the console, Vinyl-oak, which runs under the screens across the Cockpit. But if the eyes and the fingers land on a floor below, explore painful a lot of dreary hard plastic.

And then there's the space problem. Because even if the Honda E has four doors, can sit in the back, and the trunk holds just 171 liters. However, the project Manager Shinya justifies with the dedicated crop as a city car, and uses an analogy that should make sense to the Generation of the iPhone: "We talk on the phone, finally, with the Smartphone and not the Tablet, just because it has the larger screen and longer battery runtime."

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