Together, they taste twice as good

you may have read the column by Nina Kunz in the "magazine" from last week: There is the bread-and-butter was made on the topic. "It happens to me often, tha

Together, they taste twice as good

you may have read the column by Nina Kunz in the "magazine" from last week: There is the bread-and-butter was made on the topic. "It happens to me often, that I forget how great taste like Butter and bread together," wrote Kunz pathetic. The food is no longer Wake up longing, because it fits "somehow in our time".

to forget is Actually impossible, this unique taste: bread-and-butter. Photo:

she spoke to me from the heart. And I started thinking about whether there are other simple Ingredients and pairings that can make the masses happy as the bread-and-butter. Here is my list:

Radiesli and Fleur de sel

Maybe it was for the first Time in the Goethe Bar in Zurich, about ten years ago. Instead of boring salt nussli you introduced me to a glass of sparkling wine, surprisingly, a bowl of garden fresh Radiesli and coarse Fleur de Sel on the table. How glorious that was! You bite into the crunchy, slightly spicy vegetables, – a few salt flakes on the exposed juicy Interior, and to bite again with relish. No matter what you drink: As dining goes.

truffle and Fried egg

chips is A classic combination: Fried egg with Truffle. Photo: StockFood

it's happened to you? As you come unexpectedly to a beautiful truffle, and the question arises, what could you cook with it. One of the best solutions is to zuhobeln a Fried egg (in Butter) and fry the precious tuber on it. The combination is aromatic, intriguing, beguiling, awesome.

strawberries and whipped cream

highly decorated chefs are not tired to stress: When enjoyment, it is primarily the highest possible quality of the products. This combination is a teaching piece for the above-mentioned circumstance: If the strawberries are perfectly ripe and freshly picked, so you can go without any sugar; when the cream not coming out of the Rahmbläser, but Alprahm Hand have been hit – can the happiness on the palate, even bigger? Unfortunately, you will need to wait a few months, because with Hors-sol-not strawberries from Spain, it works.

raclette cheese and potatoes

It is admittedly the most elaborate combination in this list – because the spicy cheese is melted, the potatoes previously boiled will need to. This is wars but even connoisseurs can't distinguish a filleting knife from a foam trowel. And something must have been feasting these people, Yes, even before the strawberries are really ripe.

Boiled Egg and flavouring

If the Swiss abroad visit the home to get, is an ingredient regularly on the list of things to bring with you: Aromat. The condiment does not taste only in the salad sauce is excellent (there is Maggi's doing-seasoning sauce is almost better), but also as a Topping on a boiled Egg! Whether this Egg is still enjoyed hot at the Breakfast table, or cold as a picnic on the way – thanks to the aromatic it is homey.

sausage mustard

Now, you have to like meat. But how nice is it then, a fresh cut, and to enjoy it with pungent sharp Dijon mustard? Perhaps the memory plays a role here, to the delicious Wursträdli, which you got earlier at the butcher's? Maybe it's the tears, the shoot then in the eye? This pairing is a holistic experience. With a crispy, oven-fresh piece of bread, a fortiori.

Salzstängeliund beer

Maybe some Foodies like hulls this is where the nose – but can something really be wrong entirely, in Germany this is practised everywhere, again and again? The salty-soapy flavor of the salt stalks fits nicely to a cool Blonde. And also in view of the physical processes, the pairing of salt, stalks, and beer is useful: The salt dries out, which leads, as we know, a thirst for beer. Conversely, beer can, of course, make a headache, in this regard, the Snack helps, because it makes the alcohol absorption in the body.

blue cheese and port wine

Stilton with port wine: a pleasure. Photo: StockFood

Clearly, this is a combination of more advanced connoisseurs: on the one hand, a salty, highly aromatic cheese, whose creaminess is capable of the mouth to the back corner of the fill. On the other hand, a high percentage, sweetish wine that carries just as much power . . .Since both components swings each other in culinary heights. If you like it, gives it up to any sweet Dessert.

chocolate and milk

Speaking of Dessert: How about a cool glass of milk to pour? (Provided they do not suffer, as now almost every Second to a lactose intolerance.) And then you break off a nice big piece of walnut schokokade of the panel. And change: a SIP of milk, then a piece of chocolate in the mouth, again in milk, then chocolate . . .Do you remember how simple the world seemed when we were five years old?

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