The mountain lion will fix it

The rigorous CO2-policy is bizarre fruits. With the strict requirements of the car manufacturers should be encouraged to build more environmentally friendly car

The mountain lion will fix it

The rigorous CO2-policy is bizarre fruits. With the strict requirements of the car manufacturers should be encouraged to build more environmentally friendly cars. Now the vehicles of all the places to be electrified, so with batteries fully Packed – but at small the car is difficult. The price pressure makes the installation more expensive batteries, and so reasonable models disappearing from the market, because you need to more than as of this year, applicable to 95 grams of CO2pro kilometre. Large, powerful SUV with high profit margins, are ideal for this System: As a Plug-in Hybrid, they will be joining in the approval WLTP procedures little CO2 and are for the manufacturer, therefore the Gold value. The more of them are sold, the deeper the CO2 drops the brand cut, the smaller the, at best, to be paid buses.

Ka+ and Ecosport path

So Ford takes the five-metre-long seven-seater and 450-HP SUV Explorer fall love to in the European model range – it is a Plug-in Hybrid and has 78 grams per Kilometer, a great CO2 balance. Regardless of whether the car is charged to the outlet or not. In return, rational models such as the Ka+ and Ecosport will have to jump over the blade. "The new CO2 regulations force us to do so," says General Director Donato Bochicchio of Ford Switzerland. You will be taken out of the offer and models replaced, the actuators press thanks to electrified those all-important CO2 figure down.

a number of assistance systems support the driver. Photo: PD

In this environment, Ford is now launching the new Puma: a trendy SUV in the mini format of almost 4.2 meters to compensate for the loss of small cars, Ka+ and Ecosport. "Our customers want a modern SUV, sticking out visually from the mass and with practical detail solutions," says Ford Europe boss Stuart Rowley sure. At the same time, the Puma is a good example for the Rigor of the political demands: Although he is equipped with a tiny, efficiency trimmed three-cylinder engine and 48-Volt mild hybrid system, it emits in the WLTP test procedure with best, only 124 grams, considerably more than the allowed 95 grams per Kilometer.

to score points with the customers, it takes more than a good CO2 balance, and because of the new Puma has a lot to offer. With its original Design, he will arrive well. As he takes on the platform of the much-praised Ford Fiesta, it drives the SUV as sovereign as his little brother. 12 ultrasonic sensors, three radar systems and two cameras allow a wide range of assistance systems, such as the semi-Autonomous Driving on the highway or the System of "Local danger warnings" warning, thanks to Car-to-Car communication prior to advance past obstacles. A digital Cockpit, generous equipment and Features like heated massage seats or the removable and washable seat covers make life on Board pleasant.

Just two engine variants

With such practical Details, such as the Mega-Box is like the Puma families: The under the trunk floor mounted under-floor compartment with a volume of 80 liters allows the Transport of tall items (up to 1.15 meters), can also serve as a hiding place for precious things like Laptops and in addition, thanks to a water outlet in the floor easily washable – so-dirty items can be easily transported. That's really clever.

The new Puma has the right stuff to the elimination of models of Ka+ and Ecosport ends to compensate and to lure new customers to the brand. And the driving range offers plenty of room to Think: in Germany, two one-liter three-cylinder turbo petrol engine will be offered with 125 or 155 HP, the weaker is either without a mild hybrid system available. Later this year, a four-cylinder Diesel with 120 HP, also, the noble Vignale and the sporty ST are in the Pipeline.

With 23 years ago, Ford launched sports coupé Puma the Puma has nothing to do. "A lady, we have shown in the context of a customer survey drawings of the new model, said: "he looks like a Puma"," explains design chief Thomas Morel. "It has pleased us so that we have the taken the same as model name."

Dave Schneider drove the new Puma at the invitation of Ford Switzerland and in Spain.

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