I never sold my soul

As it appears finally in the entrance of the hotel, and then across the Lobby to look for fun don't you. But the people. "Some of the men that had turned arou

I never sold my soul

As it appears finally in the entrance of the hotel, and then across the Lobby to look for fun don't you. But the people. "Some of the men that had turned around earlier to me, not seeing me today. For I am become eventually invisible", has told a day earlier, the French It-Girl and Model Caroline de Maigret. "And I know that I won't care – but honestly? Sometimes it gives me a stitch." Caroline de Maigret is 45.

While the former Supermodel Tatjana Patitz, 53, on high legs, the Lobby is ploughing through, not follow her, only the eyes of men. It is a phenomenon. 1.80 meters, a few pounds more than before, noticeable wrinkles of the honest variety in the weird long-drawn Amazon the face, the ice blue husky eyes that can nail a 30-Meter distance still to the wall.

woman Patitz, have you felt or noticed the men look at you?
so what I don't pay attention. And I hated to be stared at! How could it fail me now?

Tatjana Patitz, born in Hamburg, in Sweden, grew up in the nineties, one of the so-called Big Five: Cindy, Christy, Linda, Naomi, Tatjana, the first name of a brand. These five of the Covers, the campaigns, the fame, envy, and the big salaries divided among themselves, 10'000 to 40'000 dollars a day, were normal. Backstage was the coke, waited outside for the Fans, Rockstars and screen heroes.

Today, Tajana Patitz is a Model for the fashion label Etro. Photo:

It took the face of an angel, in order to check in, and the heart of a Joan of Arc to the salvation of coming out of it. Not all have made it. Naomi Campbell looks increasingly mask-like, Linda Evangelista, according to Paparazzo-pictures on the run where you like a homeless looked like Cindy Crawford water of their Model daughter, Kaia Gerber, is the-Year-olds to 15-the catwalk walked in and was so hyped that it will soon be the girl from yesterday's sailing in Kiel; she's only 18.

Tatjana Patitz has broken this dead-ends never. And Model she did not want to be actually. As a Casting Agent you spoke to, she found the curious. As she did in the "Model of the Year"Contest, the Agency Elite, she believed that she would have a Chance. When she won the third prize, it solved the Ticket to Paris. The main thing is that way. She was little traded later as one of the most beautiful women in the world, owes you the photographer Peter Lindbergh, who booked the completely unknown German for the French "Vogue". "I don't know what he has in me. I was very shy at the time, closed. I almost didn't talk at all."

And there she was suddenly in an Outfit from Sonia Rykiel, in front of the Café de Flore, pushed in Azzedine Alaïa on high heels with a stroller on the Boulevard Saint Germain, cigarette in the corner of the mouth. A Hit. The next Job was for US Vogue, with Lindbergh. This series of pictures was the birth of the supermodel: a couple of nameless girls in white shirts and without a lot of Make-up on the beach of Santa Monica. The glutäugige Linda Evangelista, the distinctive Christy Turlington, the sensual, Naomi Campbell, the American Dreamgirl, Cindy Crawford and also Tatjana Patitz with her husky, look, cool, distant, absent. A Mystery.

Were the men afraid of you?
Can> be. It was certainly never the nice man at the Bar who has spoken to me. And I was too shy. Those who came were the guys with gold chain: "Hey, I've got a Ferrari, want a ride?"

Forget it! I've never sold my soul, for I am too independent. Maybe it was what made the men afraid.

she did her Job, and was otherwise away from the Model and party scene. As New York is the place to be was, she moved to California. As Cindy Crawford Gere was the wife of Richard, she married an unknown business man by the name of Jason Johnson (and separated six years later). From your first big Gage, you bought a horse, of your first million is a Ranch. There, they pulled their today 16-year-old son Jonah alone.

Tatjana Patitz says, a life without animals and nature was for them not to imagine. Two dogs, two horses and a cat belong to the household; if she puts on the cowboy hat and the Santa Ynez Valley rides, knows there is no one that you "got for two days of hair-shaking" time is 350 000 dollars. That is your right. You like normal. But sometimes she goes to Milan or Paris, also on a catwalk.

What has changed since then?
The girls are much thinner, many have already done. All have become so interchangeable. If a customer wanted to book one of us and just had no time, was postponed the Shooting. Today, it is called:? No matter. We take a other.

on the Other hand: Would you have believed that you are modeling with 53, and the new face of skincare brand Fenjal would be?
Never in my life. I thought, at the latest with the 26, it's over. And it is a good thing. What adult woman can identify with a Teenager?

Sometimes, if you have photos from the past fall into the hands, looks Tatjana Patitz in the mirror and realizes that she is old. In these moments she is not happy to get that your life is just about turned to be beautiful, to appear on high-gloss titles, of compliments. Other women have with the beginning 50 of long to do. But her face says Patitz, the wool you keep quite like.

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