Hollyoaks Christmas spoilers - Two big exits, Darren’s fate and baby surprise

We are almost at the festive season, but don't expect any quiet nights in Hollyoaks. This year, drama reigns supreme.

Hollyoaks Christmas spoilers - Two big exits, Darren’s fate and baby surprise

Residents of the village have had a difficult year, filled with heartbreak, murder, and kidnappings.

They are hoping for a peaceful Christmas to end a difficult year. Unfortunately, it is not what they will get.

This year's Channel 4 soap has a lot to offer viewers, including heartbreaking exits and escape attempts, as well as jaw-dropping bombshells.

Like the two previous years, Hollyoaks' Christmas episodes will be streamed live on All4 starting at 7pm on Friday, December 17.

Where is Darren at Christmas?

Darren is currently being held hostage by Maya and Ethan. They kidnapped him when he saw them opening a jewellery shop.

Ethan, who is from a criminal family, is trying to kill Darren. However, despite his best efforts, he has been unable. He has formed a strong bond with Darren in the last few months.

It seems that the two men are still bonded. Darren will be working his magic on Ethan as he pleads for him to release him.

Ethan finally agrees to make Darren happy.

Darren is forced to run after Maya, but it's a surprising turn of events!

Is he going to make it back home? Will he make it home in time for Christmas?

Ella's bombshell

Charlie celebrates his birthday at The Dog with his closest friends. But a series of shocking events occur and Charlie must make a pivotal decision.

Charlie is unhappy about being cast as Joseph in school's Nativity. But Ella's announcement could be the surprise that he needs to get over his disappointment.

Ella is forced to reveal shocking facts after a huge decision casts shadows over Christmas Day celebrations at Nancy’s.

However, the Osborne family is shaken by this revelation and Nancy feels it a little too close.

Cindy's heartbreak when Luke forgets that he is with her

Cindy in Hollyoaks

Cindy's heartbreak (Picture by Lime Pictures

Cindy vows to make this Christmas special, because she knows Luke could die before her.

Fans will recall that Luke was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia, FTD, in 2012, after he had been suffering from it for two years.

Christmas Day does not go according to Cindy's plan, but Luke's reaction is what makes her unhappy.

He also forgets which sister is he supposed to be with and thinks he's still at Mandy!

Zara arrives to save Christmas with a special gift, but can she really save Christmas?

Sid gets caught up in a love triangle

Sid Sumner will be caught between two girls during this holiday season.

In recent scenes, he met Lizzie, a newcomer to the scene. They have a hot night together, but he doesn't know what's coming!

He meets Galaxy (Emma Lau), aka Serena, and he is shocked! He met the girl of his dreams earlier this year.

To protect Lizzie's feelings Serena and Sid pretend they have never met before in order to keep their distance. They have a lot of chemistry between them. Will they be able stay apart?

Prince and Olivia are in more conflict

Prince interviews for a job but refuses to tell Olivia the details or the location. So you can imagine his shock when Nancy informs him that he has been hired as the school's new caretaker.

Olivia isn't happy, that's certain, and there's more conflict as a consequence.

Trish, a new romance

Maxine is stunned when Trish tells Maxine that she plans to leave the village.

Max, desperate to convince her mom to stay, decides to play cupid with Trish and sets up a date.

However, it turns out that Trish knows the identity of this mystery man. It is now a question of who it is.

Nana McQueen is leaving?

Nana in Hollyoaks

The McQueens are having a sad Christmas season. (Picture by Lime Pictures

Nana McQueen makes an important decision this holiday season. She tells her closest and dearest that she's ready to move on. However, the scenes following will see her downplaying key information before a surprise appearance finds her in a difficult position.

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