Prosecutor claims Ghislaine Maxwell was a dangerous predator

NEW YORK (AP), Ghislaine Maxwell, a predator and dangerous person who recruited and groomed young girls to be sexually abused and rewarded them with money by Jeffrey Epstein, a prosecutor said Monday to jurors during closing arguments.

Prosecutor claims Ghislaine Maxwell was a dangerous predator

Alison Moe, Assistant U.S. attorney, told the jury Epstein couldn't have preyed upon teenage girls for more that a decade without the assistance of the British socialite. She described her as the "lady in the house," as Epstein abused girls at a New York estate, ranch in New Mexico, and New York mansion.

Moe stated that Ghislaine Maxwell was "dangerous" to jurors, who were separated in a courtroom with numerous pandemic precautions. "Maxwell and Epstein committed horrific crimes."

Maxwell, according to the prosecutor, was a "sophisticated prey who knew exactly what she did." Maxwell used the same playbook over and over again.

She manipulated and groomed her victims. Young girls suffered lasting and grave harm from her. Moe stated, "It is time to hold her responsible."

The fourth week of a trial originally scheduled to last six weeks ended with her summation.

The defense arguments will follow. Maxwell's team will again return to the notion that Maxwell was made a scapegoat for Epstein's suicide in a Manhattan federal prison cell in August 2019, while he waited for a trial on sex trafficking.

Maxwell, who is 59 years old, was supported by four siblings, who sat together in the first row.

Moe, dressed in a black sweater and mask, faced Maxwell as she sat behind her at defense table. She wrote notes and occasionally turned the pages of a notebook.

Jurors were told by the prosecutor that Maxwell was a "posh and smiling, age-appropriate" woman who covered Epstein's "creepy” behavior.

Since her July 2020 arrest, Maxwell has been held without bail. Judge Alison J. Nathan repeatedly denied Maxwell bail, despite her lawyer's claims that her $22.5 million estate pledge and willingness to be watched 24 hour a day would ensure her appearance in court.

After two dozen witnesses from prosecution testified, the closings were completed. Fourteen women also testified that Epstein and Maxwell abused them as teenagers.

Two-day defense presentation was given by former Epstein employees, who have fond memories of Maxwell. A memory expert testified that memories are especially vulnerable to corruption with time.

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