Moderna: Good results from the initial booster data for omicron

Moderna Monday stated that it would recommend a booster dose for its COVID-19 vaccine to protect against the rapidly spreading Omicron variant.

Moderna: Good results from the initial booster data for omicron

Moderna stated that lab tests revealed that half-dose booster shots increased the amount of so-called neutralizing antibody levels capable of fighting omicron by 37x.

A full-dose booster is even more powerful, triggering an 83fold increase in antibody levels. However, there are some side effects. Half-dose shots can be used for Moderna boosters. However, people with weak immune systems should get a third full-dose shot.

Moderna released preliminary laboratory data in press releases. It has not yet been subject to scientific review. However, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that similar results were found in testing by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Pfizer's tests also showed that the COVID-19 vaccine caused a similar jump in omicron fighting antibodies. Moderna and Pfizer both make vaccines using mRNA technology. They are used in many countries to combat the coronavirus.

All evidence points to health authorities' increasing calls for boosters to be administered as soon as possible.

Although antibodies can predict how effective a vaccine will prevent infection by the coronavirus, they are only one layer of the immune system. Research suggests that the vaccine should still provide protection against severe diseases if there is a breakthrough infection.

Moderna and Pfizer are working together to develop shots that better match the omicron version, in case they are needed.

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