Swiss hotel industry recorded a last Shine of light

The Swiss hotel industry is off to a lightning start to the new year. The hotel stays climbed in January to 6.3 percent to 3,016 million. This is the second bes

Swiss hotel industry recorded a last Shine of light

The Swiss hotel industry is off to a lightning start to the new year. The hotel stays climbed in January to 6.3 percent to 3,016 million. This is the second best result for almost three decades, and the last Shine of light in front of a Zap dusteren time.

had Only been in January 2008, with 3,022 million more overnight Stays counted, said tourism expert Vincenzo Carelli by the Federal office for statistics (BFS) on Monday at the request of the news Agency AWP. Otherwise, there had never been since 1992, more than 3 million overnight stays for the start of the year.

the current January set a new record for overnight Stays of Swiss. The number of domestic guests increased by 7 percent to 1.52 million, the BFS determined on the basis of provisional results. More Swiss guests would have been for the first time, stayed as a foreign tourist in a local hotel beds, said Carelli.

Boom in Chinese

In the case of foreign guests went up by 5.7 per cent to 1.50 million overnight Stays. Here, the conservation of the number of overnight stays by Chinese shot just 36 percent, as a glance at the Figures shows. The Boom is due to a special effect. This year, the Chinese new year was in January, after it had fallen in the previous year in February.

The Chinese have now become the fifth most important group of guests from abroad, and have overtaken the Italians. But also the Nights of the main foreign guests, the German rose in January to 2.2 per cent, while the Americans with a Plus of 8.3 percent, the new number three – behind the Swiss and Germans. They have replaced the British (3.2 per cent) in fourth place.

A two-digit growth in overnight Stays of Brazilians (16 percent), Poland (13 percent) and Indians (11 percent). The Turks, Thais and Singaporeans were significantly more frequent (12 to 14 percent). The Saudis and Hong Kong increased by as much as about half.

conversely, there were drops in visitors from the United Arab Emirates (-14 percent), Japan (-12 per cent) or Israelis (-13 percent).

drops due to Coronavirus

However, the Coronavirus was not arrived until the end of January in Switzerland. Meanwhile, in this country have been infected, according to the latest data from the Federal office for health (BAG) around 300 people with the Virus.

The Chinese authorities had the freedom of movement in China until the 23. January drastically reduced. The Lufthansa group subsidiary Swiss has announced the end of January, the cancellation of flights into the "middle Kingdom". Many other Airlines severed the Connections.

in order for a burglary in February for the Swiss hotel industry. And the Numbers are likely to still hurtle further into the depth, because the Virus is also widespread in Europe rapidly, and the people's desire to travel is increasing. In the Engadine and the Bernese Oberland, the guest must close the houses are partially already (click here to read more about the premature end-of-season). The Lufthansa group, Swiss has cancelled the flight plan to the half. Italy has restricted the day before, the freedom of movement of millions of people in the North of the massif.

Switzerland tourism: half-a-billion loss of revenue

The Marketing and sales organization of Switzerland tourism believes that as a result of the Coronavirus for the year 2020 with a revenue loss of over half a billion Swiss francs, as Director Martin Nydegger on Monday said in an interview with news Agency AWP.

Foreign guests are expected to heuer is a book about 2.1 million overnight Stays less than in the previous year. The resulting in the loss of around 532 million francs. And that is just on the tourist revenue, said Nydegger. Not shown are the defaults for the gastronomy or the measure to be attributed here.

last year the Swiss hotel industry had experienced the best year of all time, and with 39.6 million Nights, a new record. Of 21.6 million overnight stays were alone on the account of foreign guests.

The break-in in 2020 could not compensate for the Swiss. Domestic visitors are likely to book up to the end of the year is around 400'000 additional overnight Stays in local Hotels, estimates Nydegger. This will be around 56 million Swiss francs and more sales.

However, the border is almost to negligence, forecasts in a world in which the daily news would roll over, said Nydegger. Nevertheless, we must try to quantify.

Which expects to Switzerland tourism for the second quarter, the Asian guests with a burglary by a quarter, because it comes to mass cancellations. "At the Moment we are in the eye of the hurricane. This is the worst Moment," said Nydegger. For the full year, the diver is likely to amount to around 20 percent. The recovery is expected to take two to three years.

in the us, tourism is expected, according to Switzerland in the second quarter from a decline of about 20 percent. In the case of the Europeans, the negative is likely to amount to around 10 percent. By the end of the year it should go from there up again.

the Only light are the Swiss guests. This is likely to make because of the crisis more frequently in the vicinity of holiday. People would rather drive or take the train to the holiday, instead of making long-distance trips, said Nydegger. They sought the stability of their own country.

broke wave deceleration

Nevertheless, the situation will be left in the local hospitality industry with deep scars. "This will not all survive. It, unfortunately, will lead to closures," said Nydegger. The profit margins in the industry are thin. Many companies could not fill, therefore, in good times, not enough cushion to withstand such a crisis.

Because of the unexpected external shocks of the reputation was justified to support the industry through the policy, said Nydegger. To avoid liquidity shortages, should be value added taxes or social security contributions need not be paid immediately, called the Switzerland tourism Director. He also appealed to the banks to show accommodating. In addition, short-time working should be able to be applied easier. With all of this, it might slow down a broke shaft after all.


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