The large parole chance for a crisis Manager Conte

Giuseppe Conte's profile picture on Whatsapp is a photo of John F. Kennedy, as a Status, he chose one of his famous Bon mots: "Every accomplishment starts wit

The large parole chance for a crisis Manager Conte

Giuseppe Conte's profile picture on Whatsapp is a photo of John F. Kennedy, as a Status, he chose one of his famous Bon mots: "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." Each performance begins with the decision to try it.

found "La Repubblica". The newspaper has interviewed the Italian Prime Minister in a long Interview on the crisis that the country keeps for two weeks in a mixture of worry, uncertainty and fluctuating psychosis caught up to the crisis with the Coronavirus. In the conversation paraphrased Conte Winston Churchill: "This is our darkest hour, but we'll get there," said the British war Prime Minister.

The large-scale blocking in the North of Italy, the closure of schools, cinemas, museums and stadiums, the ban of large gatherings of people of every kind, even of the funeral celebrations: No country in Europe is so drastically in the fight against Covid-19, such as Italy. The country is Infected with far the most and deaths. And no European head of government invites you in this Phase as much responsibility as Giuseppe Conte. His measures turn off the power for a significant part of public life: The economy falters, tourism comes to a Standstill.

He tried to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus with drastic measures: the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Photo: Ludovic Marin (Pool)

And in prisons across the country came to revolts, after it became known that the government for security reasons, had suspended the direct contacts of the prisoners with their relatives. In Modena, there were six Deaths, in Foggia, fled half-a-dozen prisoners, but was soon caught again. In the Milan prison of San Vittore inmates made it to the roof, where you climb for hours in the Free all invitations defied down – filmed by the news channels.

"Our war against Corona"

in Chaotic scenes that were. On television you listen to the talk, guests now more and more of the "our war against the Virus" talk. The crisis is the first large and also the lens is a complex litmus test for Italy's Prime Minister.

Conte has been around for almost two years in office. A long time it was said, of the non-party attorney from the southern Italian region of Puglia, 55 years old, have little Format. He was a puppet of those who had pushed him to the stage, as nobody had known. Although Conte was popular in the people, he was ridiculed. That he reigned first with the right-wing Lega and then moved, according to Matteo Salvini's quarry, flying, the social Democrats, was designed less as a rope dancer quality, but as an ideological arbitrariness. In the past few months, he held together his new Cabinet with difficulty.

Now he is everywhere, as a crisis Manager. Conte often says, he is wearing Decide the "full political responsibility" for his. The Italians will recognize in him a Leader with a steady, sure Hand. The image it is not always the case. As he announced in a media conference, the blocking of Lombardy and of fourteen provinces in the North, it was Sunday morning, two o'clock in the Morning. The seemed excited, and he looked tired. Governors from the North, responsible for healthcare in their regions, complained that Conte do not consult.

Salvini's small betrayal

But the polls show that his popularity is growing. The Angers, in turn, Salvini, so much so that he changed in the past few weeks, several times his opposition tactics. It began with the attacks: "to protect the government, for example, the health and safety of the Italians???", he tweeted after the announcement of the first measures. Then he demanded that a rescue will be ship with refugees under quarantine sense. And an attempt to reactivate his favorite subject.

Matteo Salvini rages and insulted the Italian government. Photo: Lisi Niesner (Reuters)

As the crisis bigger was, it was Salvini, the world of the Spanish newspaper "El País": "The Italian government is incapable of rising to the challenge with the Coronavirus." And added, he would be ready, if there was soon to be new elections. Tactical Agitate for a national state of emergency is not good. This seemed a bit like betrayal. The Lega has lost in the polls significantly in popularity. In order to correct the faux pas, the proposed but now all of a sudden the establishment of a "Governissimo", a Grand coalition government with all parties. But since no one was interested.

the Salvini's urge for a revenge at the ballot box so not true, and that also has to do with the Coronavirus to. Because of the epidemic, a national referendum was postponed, initially for the 29. March was scheduled to have been: it is about the reduction of a Parliament, a Prime theme of the Cinque point. The number of deputies and senators should be reduced from a total of 945 to 600. The double reading of the Reform in Parliament is over, now it still needs the confirmation of the people. This is regarded as safe. However, due to the postponement of the deadline for an indefinite period of time, and because after the Referendum is still a long waiting period is necessary, also brings the prospect of new elections in the distant future.

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