The national Council against an island of High prices

The national Council wants to do something against the high Swiss prices. The Fair price Initiative, which he has rejected on Monday. He decided, however, to wr

The national Council against an island of High prices

The national Council wants to do something against the high Swiss prices. The Fair price Initiative, which he has rejected on Monday. He decided, however, to write to the demands of the Initiative directly into law.

This has the so-called Switzerland-Supplement in the visor. The unjustified price difference for the foreign costs of the Swiss consumers, companies and the public sector billions each year. "This pushes many mad at," said Commission spokesman Beat Jans (SP/BS). According to popular Initiative. According to a survey, it is supported by about two-thirds of the Voters.

Also in the national Council's concern was a lot of sympathy. This rejected the Initiative, with 102 votes to 58, with 27 abstentions. With 150 to 27 votes, he decided, but a counter proposal to the demands of the Initiative, virtually unchanged in the law. A cross-party Alliance of Consumer associations, representatives of SMEs and farmers had given this solution to a breakthrough. Under the FDP, and a minority of the SVP-group is in place.


The Initiative calls for, in Essence, that Swiss customers are allowed to directly cross-border shopping to the local prices. For the cartel to tighten up the law and the Geoblocking is prohibited. With Geoblocking dealer avoid online that Swiss customers can directly shop in foreign Stores.

The Federal Council showed understanding for the concerns and worked out an indirect counter-proposal to the Initiative. The Geoblocking ban, he refused, because it is likely to be enforced abroad is difficult. He also wanted to apply the new rules of competition law only to cross-border matters. Economy Minister, Guy Parmelin warned of legal uncertainty, red tape and higher costs for the companies concerned.

More protection

The national Council wanted to know nothing of all this. He adopted the indirect counter-proposal takes the concerns of the Initiative without compromising The antitrust law is intended to capture not only dominant, but also relatively dominant companies. It is in business, what are the other for lack of Alternative, in fact, dependent on it.

they, Too, would behave in the future is not permitted if you refuse, for example, business relationships or discriminatory dictate prices, such as the Commission spokesman Jans said. The harsh sanctions that can be imposed on dominant undertakings, you need not fear, however.

to protect the national Council not only the consumer but also the provider, if they are subject to market power demanders. The Problem is big as well, if there are many suppliers and only a few customers, said farmers ' Union President Markus Ritter (CVP/LU). In the dairy market, for example, 20'000 producers were faced with four milk processors, called Albert Rösti (SVP/BE) in memory.

price controls

The indirect counter-proposal of the national Council of business relations within Switzerland. This could be also checked Swiss prices by competition authorities and courts. The Federal Council wanted to only take cross-border issues to target.

Also a Re-import clause has approved the national Council course. This is also provided in the Initiative, and is intended to prevent cheap foreign-supplied products will be imported at the lower price in the Switzerland. The Swiss company could continue to enforce a surcharge. An Affront, said the FDP parliamentary leader, Beat Walti (ZH).

"Interventionist Monster"

The FDP, and a part of the SVP rejected the indirect counter-proposal. The goal sounds alluring, the proposed measures are ineffective, said Walti. There is uncertainty for companies, the threat of law. It was also completely unclear whether this would give the lower prices to the consumers more. In the view of Thomas Aeschi (SVP/ZG) provides the current competition law is sufficient protection. He spoke in front of an "interventionist Monster."

The vast majority of the national Council for the strategic direction of the Initiative supported. It was not understandable why the same products in Switzerland more expensive would be sold abroad, said the Thurgau entrepreneur Diana Gutjahr (SVP). According to the Rösti farm machinery costs in Switzerland, around a third more. The rip-offs must finally come to an end, called Andreas Glarner (SVP/AG). It sounded from the middle and the Left. It was a Chance to support the SME, said Jon Pult (SP/GR). No company, not an importer should be able to collect a überrissene import pension, held Regula Rytz (greens/BE). The proposal has now been submitted to the Council of States. (sda/red)

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