Why women are less likely to Head

television for the science: a number of hours, the Dutch team of researchers looked at all episodes of the television show "Deal or No Deal". The scientists a

Why women are less likely to Head

television for the science: a number of hours, the Dutch team of researchers looked at all episodes of the television show "Deal or No Deal". The scientists are not Fans of the Show. In candidates totals into the millions – or you give up and get a smaller, but safe price. The video marathon, the three Economists decided to investigate whether men and women in the competition for a lot of money behave differently. And actually, your calculations are: women tend to show, to avoid competition against men.

women, the result of the study, rose twice as often as men in advance of the Show. And they tended to be stronger for the Stop, if your Against male. Men, in turn, the opposite was true. They met a female opponent, they played more aggressively and chose rare the game exit as a against same-gender opponents. Men risk more, if you meet women in the competition.

A question of dominance

The three researchers Dennie van Dolder, Martijn van den Assem and Thomas Buser have published their results online so that colleagues can discuss them.The phenomena from the game show on the professional life, the researchers say. "The continued and numerical Superiority of men at the higher career levels with declare," said Dolder. The male dominance in positions of leadership will show, for example, the "Gender Gap Report" by the world economic forum: women run the world, therefore, only about 18 percent of all companies. This relationship is not due to a lack of leadership skills of women, says behavioral economist Dolder.

Also in the "Deal or No Deal" broke both sexes of the tasks equally well. Rather, back suspected Dolder, troubled women, often prior to contact in the case of vacancies in direct competition with men. You are not applying in the first place, if male competition is announced. This would also be an explanation for the Gender Pay Gap, so Dolder: "Many studies show that competitive affinity career influenced decisions of people." As long as women shy away from competition situations with men, you would get lower positions and less money. The dominance of men in the career and salary will so state to the self-sustaining, says the researcher.

Who derive from the analysis a career tip for women don't want to take: More likely to be a risk.

The television show of the Dutch state lottery, provided the Economists of good data. Often, researchers work with research participants, can earn in experiments only a few euros. It remains open whether they would behave differently, if it would go to a lot more money – just millions as in the case of "Deal or No Deal". There is simply no Budget, says Dolder. The consignment was, therefore, a so-called naturally occurring Experiment. In addition, the guests will be selected randomly among all Dutch participants in the postcode lottery, the group was so well mixed. And whoever sets out exactly against whom is also decided by the lot.

The researchers studied the consequences since 2002. The gender specific behavior of the candidates have hardly changed since then.What the competition aversion of women compared to men, are not able to answer the researcher from the Show. Women are not generally less wettbewerbsaffin.

Other studies point in one direction: Occupied by a social group, often, important positions, she tends to be harder in competition with people who do not belong to the group. Conversely, as inferior to existing groups shy away from direct competition with dominant groups, have observed researchers for a study in Bangladesh. The Concerned invest less in education and apply less frequently to high office. This could in parallel also apply for the women, and the millions of bets, say the Dutch Economists.Who wants to derived from the analysis of the game show, a career tip for women, in the case of lands, so More likely to take a risk.

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