The last Hallelujah of Meghan and Harry

What happened? Prince Harry , 35 Duchess Meghan , 38, have attended a worship service. Why do we care? Because the two give up their Royal duties a

The last Hallelujah of Meghan and Harry

What happened?

Prince Harry , 35 Duchess Meghan , 38, have attended a worship service.

Why do we care?

Because the two give up their Royal duties at the end of March and the visit to Westminster Abbey on the occasion of the Commonwealth day was expected to be the last appointment as Senior Royals. So really the last, after the past few days had been repeatedly speculated about their last appearance (time they had spread all in Blue in the British rainy weather a touch of Hollywood, both in Red for the beautiful photos taken care of).

Now they met in addition to their Royal family ties: Harry's father, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, his brother, Prince William, Duchess Kate and of course Granny, Queen Elizabeth II – all here! Harry's and Meghans future role casts but already your shadow. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be conducted prior to the arrival of the Queen to their seats. A year ago, the Couple had waited with William, Charles and their wives on the Queen, and was drawn in.

they are All there: From the front, next to the Dean of Westminster: The Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and the whole of the back of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, in Westminster Abbey. (9. March 2020) image: Phil Harris/Reuters

As to the relationship of the family after the unexpected parting of the two is ordered, there are different theories. But a Church is not a place to Argue. Especially since the Prime Minister Boris Johnson was expected, as well as other high-ranking politicians and ambassadors from all over the world, the witness to the last Hallelujah of Harry and Meghan.

so what?

we were still Living in the distant, monarch-influenced past, the answer was, as the French Nobel laureate in literature Anatole France: formulated With each going under the monarchy, the sky darkens, because it loses a star! And nothing threatens now, virtually of the British monarchy, even if Harry was displaced in the succession to the throne of the young children, Williams, a few places to the rear.

, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds attended the annual Commonwealth day. (9. March 2020) image: Henry Nicholls/Reuters

Harry and Meghan were considered as an asset for the Survival of the island monarchy, they are for a younger, diverse Britain. With Meghans visit to a school last Friday, hooted, cheered and circle the children ruled, there was a Standing ovation, as the two took on Saturday at a music festival in the Royal Albert Hall part. They were in the short time after their wedding and the birth of her first son, so something like radiant stars in the moth-eaten monarchical sky.

pretty pathetic

Well, the British press was rather blasphemous with the two. The Duchess of Sussex have, for example, twice as many negative as positive headlines, had counted the Guardian. Some of the reports were racist intonation; Meghan Markle is more suitable as a "lover than as a wife", have "exotic DNA". A photo showed, instead of your baby is a chimpanzee.

And how to do it after your departure from the strict Royal family more?

Harry and Meghan a must, at least to the British tabloid, according to a very joyless fate in the Stranger terms, in distant Canada, perhaps, where you for your security revenue. You will pay a lot of money for the renovation of your Frogmore Cottage on the taxpayers back, on the title "Royal Highness" refrain from any official duties for the Royals to perceive.

As no-one knew something of the surprising development: newlyweds Meghan and Harry Windsor Castle to leave in the direction of Frogmore Cottage. (19. May 2018) image: Steve Parsons/Reuters

Harry must assign his military duties. In may 2018, the number of staff officers has been recorded. Even before the farewell proclamation established brand, "Sussex Royal", may no longer be called so. The two many Patronages but keep in areas that are important to you. It is Meghan for the promotion of women and Harry for the war disabled soldiers. The Guardian quoted, therefore, a source that is close to the two and says the Couple was in "great shape". Both looked "positive and excited" for their future. Luck no longer can be, to stand so often in the British tabloids.

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