Photo Abi-Note marital status: What belongs in the resume and what not

If you are looking for a new Job, will see your potential, future employer, first of your application – and hopefully without the following errors in the resume

Photo Abi-Note marital status: What belongs in the resume and what not

If you are looking for a new Job, will see your potential, future employer, first of your application – and hopefully without the following errors in the resume. It is true that the preferences of the companies for the Design and content of different, but there are a number of important points that you must consider when Writing: honesty, simplicity and statement. to help

so To help you, we have compiled together with the staff chief of “Business Insider”, a list with the things that you should NOT include in your resume. So Grab your Laptop, open your CV and get ready for a comprehensive edit. You will thank us later.

do not Dispense with an exceptional Design

If you are applying as a graphic designer, it is the company care that you are a InDesign-Crack. Black-and-White has anyone not hurt. Simplicity is the best idea. Make the resume readable.

the Font, you can use the classics such as Arial, and avoid “fun” fonts like Comic Sans. Also – for God's sake – keep getting a Font.

Keep up with personal data back

in the Meantime, it is illegal to be at a job interview are asked whether you are married or have children, so you say it is not in your resume. You save personal data that are either not important or not important should be.

your marital status, your Religion, your favorite Hobbies, the holiday destination that you like to lie on the beach, how many siblings you have, and (Yes) even your address. It is not only absurd, it is in the age of E-Mail, but also dangerous.

you are Limited to one to two contact possibilities

remember that the Person reading your CV has been read within an hour, 200 more. So the idea is to make it easy for him. And something so Stupid as to put two phone numbers on it, can be distracting. The best is just a number and only one E-Mail address. The professional, not the one you use for online shops, and Spam.

Let your Social Media presence on the outside

you should not specify with 635 followers on Instagram. Especially if you have pictures where you celebrate, or a giant Burger.

A photo must not> be a

the truth

It is very, very simple, if someone is lying on his resume. A few examples: An applicant who claimed to be the former CEO of the company that he had applied the wrong Nobel prize winner and a Student at a fictional University.

Avoid "I"phrases

It is a little more subtle, but it's better if you write the Text in an impersonal tone of voice. It just sounds better than "account Manager, with extensive experience in Mengano program" to introduce, as "I've been here ten years as customer service representative and check the Mengano-writing program very well." Just avoid pronouns and Speak in the first Person.

Raise your “qualifications” Wisely shows

We all know that they were 16 years ago, very proud to be the most popular dog-Sitter in the whole street, and that they even get orders from other quarters. But you in your CV, a Testament not of Initiative and labour unrest, but by a lack of filtering.

salary expectations for the personal interview repeal

It is almost dangerous to send a document that says how much you earn currently and would like to earn. When you come for your interview, you will have time to discuss it in peace. (Also: So much content, you need to be happy - say the experts)

pay Attention to the vocabulary

in technical terms, Slang and Anglicisms can be reserved for the situations to which they correspond. A resume is not one of them.

< p > to long Text, acts quickly cluttered

If you need to change the line spacing to 0.5, in order to get all of the Details you wish to provide about each of the companies in which they were involved, on one side, you have a Problem. Nobody will read a whole Text, but the Writing skim at most – and hopefully not just the name of the company remember, in the 2002 time of the internship, have completed.

avoid using too many bulleted lists,

Yes, bullet points can be a good Option to prevent them is the above point happens. But if you accumulate too many of them, you can have it.

mind the gap

In some countries, companies find it great that you have taken a year off to travel around or to take care of their children. Others are not among them. Some employers see in a work-free year, only a lack of commitment and the desire to live the crazy life. Simply jot down anything.

Abi-Note can way

Yes, she has made one cut in the OJ a Party, a place at the University and a money envelope from her grandmother. But we assure you, will not happen anymore.

Ancient references are rarely of significance

Just as you should mention your Job as a dog Sitter, it will interest anyone that you have worked in 1995 for a year in a company. If you were at this time not just the CEO of Amazon, their recent experience is likely to be much more about you.

interviews: These five mistakes, you should be in a job interview

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