Perez-deadline ends on December 31. July: Vettel not pushing

tomorrow, Friday, could play for the future of Sebastian Vettel an important role. He should really change in the formula-1-season 2021 to Racing Point, it shou

Perez-deadline ends on December 31. July: Vettel not pushing

tomorrow, Friday, could play for the future of Sebastian Vettel an important role. He should really change in the formula-1-season 2021 to Racing Point, it should be preferred quickly about the stage. Because, allegedly, Sergio Perez should have an exit clause in the contract, up to 31. July would have to be pulled from the Racing Point - otherwise it will be expensive.

But Deadlines Vettel is not out of the rest . On his future raised, he is dismissive: "I have no answer. I would give an answer, if I would know. But at the Moment I don't do it. It is probably realistic to be patient and wait a while."

How long will the don't know, the Ferrari driver but also: "It could be a couple of weeks or a bit longer." He was certainly in a hurry, stressed Vettel - Deadline or not. "I just want to make sure that I'm making the right decision for me."

The is, however, not so easy. His career Vettel don't want to quit yet, at the same time the only competitive Material is likely to come into question. He will lead his formula 1 career in the midfield, which can only imagine the least. Racing Point has thanks to Mercedes for 2020 is a good car, but what about after that?

"You can't rush good things,"

The return to Red Bull is for many as as a more logical Option, but there are still some obstacles to overcome. And from the looks of it for 2022 with the new regulations, is completely open. "And if I'm still around, I don't know," says Vettel.

of the formula 1 can also be a lot of, he has emphasized again and again. He was not worse than in the past few years and has-thanks to his four world titles, of course, a good Reputation. "I'm already so long that I know a lot of people - that helps," he says.

"But I've never believed that you should rush things good things. It will need some time," says Vettel once again. Because he knows what is at stake: "in formula 1 to stay or not."

"It's a new Situation. I don't think I need to shake the negotiations Tricks out of the Sleeves, but it is true that it is a new challenge." Although Vettel knows the feeling of leaving a great Team after a long time, but in the case of Red Bull, he knew, in 2014, where he will drive next season. He doesn't know 2020.

"This is something exciting," he laughs. "It's a question of whether I'm staying or whether I'm doing something completely different."

of The 3,000. Point attracts

Vettel needs to Prove anyone anything. He should come on the weekend in the Top 7, he would have amassed a 3,000 career points in formula 1 - is the second-most behind Lewis Hamilton. "But that means nothing to me," he explains. "Maybe the Numbers in Charles' age means something, but today less. What counts are victories and world Championships."

it is far Vettel currently far. Sporty, you could say that he has made with his departure everything right. Ferrari 2020 is a shadow of its former self and will not find the connection to Mercedes, under normal circumstances, 2021. "I don't know the answer", keeps out Vettel out of this debate.

"I, of course, with the Team, because I was a part of it, and still am," said the German. "Everyone gives everything and works hard for Ferrari to win. Of course, there are reasons why that has not happened in the past, but in terms of passion and determination, there is no doubt."

"I think I have made in the past, the experience that there were not years in which it went so well. For Charles, this is maybe different because it was for him, yet only to the top - and now for the first Time on the downhill," said Vettel. "I wish the Team only the Best. For me, this is irrelevant to this year and we will see where it may roam."

there is No resentment because of Elkann-looking statements

Ferrari President John Elkann had arranged the Team most recently his win ability and also a hidden criticism of Vettel expressed. On the statements referred to, rejected the suggestion of the four-time world champion, however: He had followed the Interview is not 1:1.

What he can say but The Fans deserve to hear the truth. "And the truth is that the Team in difficult times to live through," said Vettel. "We have seen in the first three races and will see it more." A connection to himself, he sees it not.

Also the way the Ausbootung he got digested: "I'm an adult and old enough. I don't look back and regret anything," he says. "I always look forward. In front of me are exciting times ahead."

Like the appearance, however, is still open. "In any case, the task will look like, I'm going to tackle it. And if you can hear me or see it or not, this is unclear at the Moment."

This article was written by Norman Fischer, Co-author: Luke Smith

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