Tanzania: A Challenger out of nowhere

Tundu Lissu, the bathroom enjoys in the amount of visibly, He is standing in an open vehicle, a chain made of red and white roses around the neck, a Tanzanian f

Tanzania: A Challenger out of nowhere

Tundu Lissu, the bathroom enjoys in the amount of visibly, He is standing in an open vehicle, a chain made of red and white roses around the neck, a Tanzanian flag on the left Arm. With the right Hand, he waves to a cheering crowd. On the Internet-Videos of the arrival of the popular politician works at the airport of Dar-es-Salaam at the beginning of this week, such as receiving a sports team to a major tournament.

"I'm home," said Lissu. "It was exactly to the day almost three years and I don't know how I have to leave the country at all." Lissu group Chairman of the opposition CHADEMA party and a fierce critic of President John Magufuli was when him a assassin in September 2017 stretched out in front of the Parliament down. The shooter has not been caught until today. From security Lissu was the first in Kenya and later in Belgium to be treated. According to reports, he was operated on 19 Times and wants to challenge still President Magufuli in the elections at the end of October. "Today I can run, and even a little dancing - although I should at the time, survival had not once," said Lissu at the time of his arrival.

Changes in the political landscape

Lissus return to the political image area has triggered a new enthusiasm, says Tanzanian Journalist Jenerali Ulimwengu: "Some draw now, hope to change. Many had feared that he would attacked at the time of his arrival] of the same people as three years ago, or that the police stirring up the meetings. But that didn't happen."

That the police are not dissolved, despite the initial prohibition on the reception, don't want to overstate Daniel El-Noshokaty, head of office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Dar-es-Salaam, however: "It was agreed with the police. In addition, The security forces are very busy, too, because Ex-President Benjamin Mkapa has died. There is great mourning rallies everywhere, and the security forces were tied up elsewhere."

Tanzania is mourning the a week ago departed Benjamin Mkapa in the 1995 to 2005 at the top of the country. For this reason, the CHADEMA party has also postponed its nomination for Congress in a week. There will be Tundu Lissu officially the candidate elect. That he is against the two other candidates, for many observers a mere formality. But: "The Congress is a large gathering of people from all over the country. There might be unexpected differences, how would you judge the current situation," says Analyst Ulimwengu in the DW-Interview.

space for the election campaign?

The election campaign is expected to commence in August to travel, if Lissu is likely to stand as the most promising Challenger fest. President Magufuli, the CCM party has been all five presidents since independence in 1961, was most recently emphasized moderate: "There are no small parties. We are all equal and I believe that all the parties will hold a civilised election campaign. I also call on the institutions of the state, no violence, not apply if it is necessary."

critics Magufuli, however, that he had reduced in the course of his tenure, the space for Opposition and civil society in a systematic way. High-reach media were increasingly brought under the control of the government, including attacks on journalists and opposition come. In the past few weeks, according to Reports, eight members of the opposition were arrested because they may have breached a ban on public Assembly. In mid-July, three UN envoy called on, in relation to the elections in Tanzania, to curtail the citizens ' rights.

Analyst Ulimwengu says the opposition parties should now make the Best out of the Situation: "If you want to continue to compete, you need to do what is in this restrictive environment possible. You can only hope to win a few seats in the Parliament." The voters were not blind and could claim therefore, in the case of the election of a strong Opposition.

Corona is no longer an issue

Daniel El-Noshokaty from the CDU-near Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung does not expect a change of power. "I'm going to assume that the President is elected with a big majority again." Lissu have the Chance to be a success, "and to focus so much attention on the presidential election campaign, the Opposition manage to win more constituencies than would be provided".

In the election campaign are likely to play, especially on economic issues and on civil rights is an important role. "Magufuli staged his economic achievements and progress, but people should look at their own life circumstances and find that hardly anything has changed," says Analyst Jenerali Ulimwengu.

plays No role so far, the Corona pandemic, even though the infection numbers in Africa in those days, the mark of one Million confirmed cases to be exceed. Since April of Tanzania published no more Numbers, President Magufuli said the country even for "Corona". Daniel El-Noshokaty says: "Officially, there's Corona, each one does so, as if it were not for the. No one carries more mouth protection, there is no Social Distancing and more in Tanzania. But actually, everyone knows that the Virus is still here."

author: David Ehl,

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