The anger on the Vegans: their Quinoa Bowl is a stress factor for meat-eaters

FOCUS Online : Mr Klotter, suppose you are a meat lover, I'm vegan. We go out to eat together and I order a vegetable stir-fry. You will then be angry, and if

The anger on the Vegans: their Quinoa Bowl is a stress factor for meat-eaters

FOCUS Online : Mr Klotter, suppose you are a meat lover, I'm vegan. We go out to eat together and I order a vegetable stir-fry. You will then be angry, and if so, why?

Christoph Klotter: of Course I'm gonna be pissed! Because by orders in the Restaurant-my Steak-order a Quinoa Bowl, you are communicating with me. Without having something to say, you ask me the question: 'Why eat this stupid moron is still meat?'.

you make me feel bad and cause me Stress, because unlike me, you are committed to sustainability and animal welfare. And in order to keep me something that I don't want to know. Christoph Klotter, Christoph Klotter, Professor of food psychology at the University of Fulda.

The meat-eater sees himself as an animal lover,

FOCUS Online of The meat-eaters want to know of animal suffering nothing. But it is him, but, nevertheless, aware that his consumption of meat is problematic for animal welfare and the environment, or?

Klotter: , of Course, because that's how "stupid" he is not in truth. He sees the reports on TV about poor housing conditions. But as long as the Vegan is not responsive to him or his behavior indicates, he replaces the successful. He denied this – he sees it, and sees it at the same time. And so the man works. What is uncomfortable, interferes with what, the is pushed away.

Rubs him the Vegans of his life under the nose, then this mechanism works, however. the Especially since the meat-eater is, as a rule, no animal enemy. Quite the contrary, he takes as the animal-loving true. His dog is his best friend and he still eats meat from the supermarket.

He's wearing two incompatible views. This contradiction becomes clear when the Front of the Vegans and vegetarians is getting bigger and bigger. It penetrates into everyday life, in the circle of someone is suddenly vegan or vegetarian. Then the meat-eater is confronted with it, he must justify it. The Stress and anger caused. We call this the "Meat Paradox".

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", meat is not always consumed even Cheap often due to taste, but its symbolism"

FOCUS Online of The meat-eaters will prefer to be angry, instead of just eating less meat? the

Klotter: exactly, a classic in spite of the reaction. Studies show that meat consumed often because of its taste, but for symbolic reasons. It stands for prosperity and Power. He who eats meat, takes part in social life. Thanks to cheap meat, the can, the socially disadvantaged, and now the Vegans want to take away from him his status symbol just.

The meat-eaters feel socially excluded, to have understanding and not condemnation. When someone feels understood, he will be all the more defiant. And this is not meant to be discriminatory – I think that is even very understandable.

FOCUS Online : Are Vegans for then the reverse is social generally better?

Klotter: , at Least, the Vegans, the meat aroused eaters this impression. In fact, the classic Vegan is female, young and educated. The classic meat-eaters, in contrast, is male, social poor and uneducated.

Earlier defined men their masculinity that they were hunters and warriors, that they fed their family. Today even women go out to work, able to provide for their families. What is supposed to define the man himself, so when the meat to eat? And this is him now, maggoty, if the Vegans or the vegan gets stupid.

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Also, Vegans are not angry at meat-eaters

FOCUS Online : There is only one anger to people who eat meatless. Sometimes Vegans tend to be meat eaters, provide your behavior openly, you are making a big fuss about the unbridled carnal lust. What is the role of the missionary zeal of the Vegan scene plays?

Klotter: The Vegans brought the impression that he is perfect, morally superior. The meat-eater, he throws the opposite. He is the "stupid moron". He makes himself guilty by eating meat. The Vegans, however, makes not guilty, he eats only vegetables. Food is always with debt, it was like that long before people started to eat a vegan or vegetarian.

According to Freud, is a "oral sadistic act." Without violence to crush without food with our teeth, not we survive. And because we always have to use violence, with the food always guilty. This is also the reason why primitive cultures sacrifice to the gods. You want to clear this debt.

FOCUS Online So that would be, but also to Vegans "not guilty". After all, you eat. Or the same is not true for plants?

Klotter: according to Plato, are animated plants, so the plant-eaters guilty. The fault recognition is only the first step. Because: Who feels guilty, is also grateful. And whoever is grateful, is trying to make amends. This goes back to the English psychoanalyst Melanie Klein.

Unconsciously tried, therefore, to the Vegans, to increase animal welfare, - to make reparation. This is certainly not at all the case, however, in the case of many. And that ensures that you feel morally superior. That you are arrogant and sour to those who will not be paid off your debt. And that is why there is hostility from the Vegans and missionary zeal.

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sausages of the future cigarette of the present

FOCUS Online is Now there are becoming less and less meat-eaters and more and more vegetarians and Vegans. What is your forecast – shares in the world at some point in the two camps, in two Extreme? Or is a reconciliation between the two food cultures will take place?

Klotter: in the long term, the consumption of meat reduce is becoming stronger, so the number of meat-eaters - if only due to ecological reasons. Sustainability is gaining more and more importance, both to the individual consumer as well as in the food industry.

In the food industry-the phrase is familiar ', The sausages of the future-the cigarette of the present'. There's a break takes place. It will also be in the future, meat-eaters, just as there are today, smokers. But if you are honest to yourself, know both the meat eaters and the smokers: 'This is not what I'm doing, actually, good.

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