Trauma will accompany me for life: undertaker of Bergamo, is a great hope

The death is his business. Nicolas Facheris is the Director of a funeral home. The Corona pandemic in his home country Italy, however, was even for him too much

Trauma will accompany me for life: undertaker of Bergamo, is a great hope

The death is his business. Nicolas Facheris is the Director of a funeral home. The Corona pandemic in his home country Italy, however, was even for him too much. The 29-Year-old comes from Bergamo, the province has become the epitome of an out of control epidemic with many deaths and horrific images. "Wuhan of Italy" mention some of the province to the North-East of the city of Milan.

"I had to work within 20 days as much as otherwise, in two years," says Facheris of the German press Agency. Normally, he says, there is in his small town of Madone less than 30 deaths per year. This year it was different: "Alone in the month of March we had 34 Dead." It is also the month was slept, in the Facheris in any night more than three hours.

at some point, you pushed him to the cemetery key in the Hand

to drive The spring he spent between hospitals, nursing homes, private homes and cemeteries, back and forth. The dead he had to bury, as the cemetery workers were in quarantine. "There is no one who could do the work was one, so the steps we and the other funeral companies in the city." In the cemetery you have pressed them at some point just the key in the Hand.

The worst part was having to push survivors rapid decisions: By WhatsApp, you have to choose coffins and decide whether their relatives should be buried or cremated. "This Trauma will accompany me a lifetime," says Facheris. "Still people call me and ask: 'Was mum dressed properly? Was dressing her hair? Is it true that it was put in a bag?'"

"couldn't tell whether the sun was shining, or it has snowed"

Sergio Solivani who works as a Volunteer for the Red cross, and pastor Mario Carminati were around Bergamo in use. Father Carminati in the town of Seriate short-hand coffins in a Church store, because the crematorium was no more room. 270 Dead, he blessed, in this dark time. "If you asked me how the weather is between February and June, I couldn't tell if it rained or snowed, whether it was good or not. I've lived in a bubble." Alvise Armellini/dpa +++ dpa picture funk +++ Sergio Solivani (21), a philosophy student and a Volunteer in the ambulance team of the Red cross. Solivani saw during the Corona of a pandemic on a daily basis with decisions about life and death confronted, and whether or not it is worthwhile to bring a patient to the hospital or not.

While father Carminati was busy, to organize funerals, and calls from desperate members of the community to accept, met the 21-year-old Solivani at the Red cross decisions on life and death.

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"if we can do more for these people to do?"

As a medic, he was part of a team that assessed whether patients with the ambulance, in a hospital or not. "When I came home in the evening, I asked myself: could we Have more for these people to do?" Thoughts like these tormented the philosophy students. Only a psychologist could help him with the guilt, deal with it.

In the largest hospital of Bergamo, Papa Giovanni XXIII., psychotherapist Chiara Bignamini is concerned about the mental health of Doctors, nurses and paramedics. It organizes rounds of conversation. Alvise Armellini dpa/Doctor Chiara Bignamini, a psychotherapist in the hospital "Papa Giovanni XXIII", in Corona-times for the prevention of post-traumatic stress disorders in hospital personnel. "In case of emergency or traumatic situations turns on in our brain is the language center," she explains.

Because then it is necessary to concentrate on potential dangers. "While we make experiences, we have so difficulties to talk about it, because we lack the words." The roundtables are intended to help in the processing.

Not all of it is possible to speak. "I lost my father and three aunts," says Armando Persico, education expert from the Albino. Alvise Armellini dpa/Armando Persico (53), education expert, has lost his father and three aunts during the Corona pandemic. For Persico's life ended at the end of February 2020 and began again in may, when the epidemic subsided. Apart, he does not want to put up with it. "For me, there is not this time." His life had ended in February and again in may started after mount Amos were to have survived the darkest days. Persico wants to continue.

Facheris, the funeral Director, remains, looking into the future, only hope. "You always say that this thing could return in September or October. I sincerely hope that this will not be the case."

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