Duz-culture, we don't know: What Trigema boss group against the new world of work

FOCUS Online : Mr. Grupp, what do you think of the New Work concepts, to make our world more innovative, and more agile – free division of time, for example?

Duz-culture, we don't know: What Trigema boss group against the new world of work

FOCUS Online : Mr. Grupp, what do you think of the New Work concepts, to make our world more innovative, and more agile – free division of time, for example?

Wolfgang Grupp : The Trigema. I need my employees to be constant; the Duz-culture, we do not know. I meet my employees with respect, and also the personal approach for me. Only then can I expect in return decency and power.

And free time management would mean that I suggest to my staff that the private life comes first and work next to thing, and thus the power that you bring to me is so important. Only performance is just as Crucial. I'm not saying that my Hobbies are in the first place.

The more important my employees are to me, the more I expect of them.

"As a Chef, I have to be available around the clock"

FOCUS Online : Reduced guide is probably not for you – a boss, which is only two hours during the day?

group: I'm seven days a week, and thus present. I would criticize my staff, if you would not contact me because of a problem – no matter what time of day or night. No one was calling me with a business concern that is bothering me. I have to be available around the clock. A constant Feedback is very important so that we can move forward. My employees make voluntary Overtime because they enjoy their work, because they are needed and to be aware of are.

As a boss, I must also know everything about my business: Would you go with me through my company and a question I could not answer you, then I would have to give you the company. I need to be informed about everything, only then I can react, act and make decisions. Decisions, by the way, I stand with my private property just. This should also consider the one or the other Manager I meet at no decision from delusions of grandeur, because I have to adhere to in the end for everything personally. Webinar with Marc Friedrich: How do you now protect your wealth

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"If it's meant to me to go well, it must go to my staff, well"

FOCUS Online : How do you change the work instead?

group: I need to know if it will go well, or if I want to have success, my staff has to go. The better I treat my employees, the nicer we work together, the better their performance is.

I must Also recognize the daily small problems immediately and resolve them before they become larger. You are the one who has a big Problem, can do a nice greeting from me Who has a big Problem itself is to blame or a failure. Because every large Problem was once a small; he would have solved it as a small, he would have no large.

The most important is to recognize the change in a timely manner and then also! You have to know the own Position in the market and change immediately a part of it.

FOCUS Online : What changes have you made?

Grupp : I had to replace always our big customers, if they realized the change of time in time.

So I've set up in 2004 to our Online Shop, although I would have liked to have worked with our consignors but have failed to a large extent, such as, for example, Neckermann or source. Since I was forced by the failure of this Verse and with Online is the Chance I get, to shipping trade, we have handled now a well-functioning Online Shop and in the Coronavirus crisis, 60 percent of our sales are via Online. You have to know that the world changes constantly, that is no Problem, if you go via the change immediately.

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"You have to respond to the realities of the market just immediately"

FOCUS Online Who needs now due to Corona state aid is to blame?

group: , of Course, not always - Hotels, Restaurants, or amusement parks, for example, were certainly in a very difficult situation and, therefore, it was not the fault of their own. But if you as a producer problems, one has missed any Chance, such as the production of masks, which has had every textile producer in handy.

you See this as a supplementary to your previous question: You must respond to the realities of the market. I'm doing what I can deal with my people. I'm allowed to pity me for nothing. You think Germany's future

Interview about leadership and performance

"Duz-culture, we don't know": What Trigema boss group against the new world of work has

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FOCUS Online : How much percent make the masks, in production now?

group: In the Corona-crisis, we have converted the production to 80 percent on masks so that we could employ our staff. You have to be prepared as an entrepreneur at all and also react.

FOCUS Online : you Can do anything once on vacation, if you need to be constantly available and up?

group: I can take a vacation whenever I want, but in moderation. If my company would be organized in a way that I can be no 14 days away, then this would be fatal. I can easily be missing for three weeks. My employees know how I would decide. I am glad, though, when someone calls me, but if a Problem comes up, I need to take care of me personally.

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