Hohenpeißenberg: Monday bathing fun can begin again - with three bathing times | Peißenberg

next Monday will start the "Rigi-slip'n '" in the summer season. Due to the Corona-crisis, there will be no normal bathing. The community works to build on

Hohenpeißenberg: Monday bathing fun can begin again - with three bathing times | Peißenberg

next Monday will start the "Rigi-slip'n '" in the summer season. Due to the Corona-crisis, there will be no normal bathing. The community works to build on the sense of responsibility of the visitor. Details of the protective and hygiene concept were presented yesterday at a press conference.

Peißenberg – The paddling fun can begin: On Monday at 9 a.m., the "Rigi-slip'n opens" its doors – almost a month later than originally planned. The Corona pandemic had the start date on the 15th. May impossible. "Four weeks ago, we haven't thought of the fact that we can open the bathroom heuer at all," admitted ward as plant Manager, Ingrid, a Haberl yesterday at the press conference. However, for the municipal company (KU) was always clear: Should give the authorities and the policy the green light, then the "Rigi-slip'n is opened" in spite of the Corona. "We have a bath and then we want to offer it also. The summer is in front of the door and somewhere these people need to be able to go Yes,“ said Haberl.

bathing in the Corona times, only with pool opening times possible

Scientific studies suggest that the contagion risk in the pool is probably extremely low. The chlorine concentration kills the virus completely. However, it does not want to leave KU. It has been developed on the Basis of the statutory provisions, a multi - level protective and hygienic concept. The core point is the bath times, the division into three Days – from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., from 12: 30 to 16 PM and from 16: 30 to 20 PM.

a Per-session time will not be allowed more than 650 swimmers. In the breaks, the pool grounds will be cleared completely. The scheme is intended to pass under the given Corona limitations as many visitors as possible to the swimming pool. "We expect a certain level of onslaught. We are one of the few bathrooms in the perimeter, which opens,“ says Haberl. With regard to the bathing times-division of the works at understanding and solidarity do not advertise: "It remains shut in the bathroom all day. Is it possible all the population to be able to layers, the bathroom use,“ says Haberl. In the morning hours is reserved for example, the non-swimmer pool only for seniors and at-risk patients.

Only with discipline, the visitor can remain permanently opened

compliance With safety and hygiene legislation, the works build is generally the responsibility of the bathers: "We very much hope to the discipline of the visitors, because only then the pool can remain open indefinitely," explains Haberl. "If people are reasonable, and a distance from each other hold," adds KU-security officer Katrin Grehl, "then it is likely to be little risk of Infection." On the lawn, the relevant distance, therefore, apply rules (1.50 meters minimum), and in the pool not more than 50 swimmers are allowed to swim. Here, too, is in demand, according to Haberl solidarity: "One should not depend, for example, to long on the edge of the pool and the operating block, but really swim and the bathing sessions for refreshment, take. Only so many come to train.“

person details are recorded - for the case of need

The indoor pool, as well as the shower and Locker-room in the main building for the pool operation is locked. The sanitary facilities are in the outside area. The facilities are disinfected throughout the day regularly. Wait times will probably at the inlet. To be able to in case of need, the chain of Infection understand, the identity of the bathers.

For the municipal works, the development and implementation of the safety and hygiene concept, meant a lot of work. Praise for the dedication comes from the peissen Berger, town hall: "We are delighted that the works have managed in the shortest time. A big thank you to the staff team," says mayor Frank Zellner: "The outdoor swimming pool is important for Peißenberg. And it gives us back a piece of normality.“

admission prices for the outdoor swimming pool

season tickets there this year for the "Rigi-slip'n '" no, "because we know how the pandemic is developing", such as community plant Director Ingrid Haberl explained. For all bathers, the discounted admission prices of the Morning and evening tariff apply. Adults are charged accordingly per admission is five Euro, as well as children and young people three euros. Children up to six years are free. The sauna is closed until further completely. Children respectively young people up to the age of 14 years only in company of an adult admission to the outdoor swimming pool. In the checkout area of a mouth has to be worn - and nose protection.

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Date Of Update: 05 June 2020, 06:34