Bad Tölz/Bavaria, Despite easing restaurateurs do not have high turnover | Bad Tölz

The economies in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen have re-opened. However, in spite of numerous tourists and excursionists, many restaurateurs are fighti

Bad Tölz/Bavaria, Despite easing restaurateurs do not have high turnover | Bad Tölz

The economies in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen have re-opened. However, in spite of numerous tourists and excursionists, many restaurateurs are fighting for their existence.

more and more Corona-restrictions be relaxed. Especially restaurateurs are now hoping to have many guests. In the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen guests in the taverns, however, still have to wait. For many owners their very existence is at stake.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – guests to the space to accompany, the person alien shooting, to use with a mask, after each visitor, all disinfected, and the distance between the tables: The requirements for the restaurant industry remains high. Has been relaxed in the past few days, only the opening time in the outdoor area. There may now be just as entertained as indoors till 22 o'clock. Many Restaurant owners are relieved though. Nevertheless, a normal turnover is at most in sight.

No large-scale events: The Jailhouse in Bad Tölz, Germany suffers from the Corona-restrictions

Peter Frech, owner of the Tölzer "Jailhouse" has opened his Restaurant as recently as last Friday. In the Phase than in the external area could be catered for, "it would not have been worth it, all of the apparatus up the slope. These are enormous costs that we would have taken never,“ he says. On the Whitsun week-end, "it went halfway," says he, "but the Friday before that, I would have been able to save me. As the guests were barely there.“ His first assessment: "We have made two-thirds fewer sales than normal."

The "Jailhouse" suffer in addition, among the failure events, such as the US-Car-large Meeting, which normally takes place on the day of Pentecost. "We are a fun-gastronomy, and there are not just. To this end, we have no walk-in customers,“ explains Naughty. In addition, the landlord in the lease he had "no mm" in the opposite. The lease is still running until March 2021. "I don't know where the journey goes. The From for Jailhouse‘ is not excluded.“

tourists in the Region of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen want to be more in the nature

Similar to desperate Jürgen Kunert is, Host of "einbach mill" in Wacker mountain and the new Mexican restaurant "La Jordana" in Bad Tölz. "The To-Go offer has been accepted very well. Thus, we were able to all of us – not least thanks to our regulars on the water,“ he says. The re-opening of the restaurant operation at the course, however, extremely slow. "The tourists are looking for more goals in nature." Therefore remained in its Restaurants, Pentecost, the hoped-for business largely out. "You realize that many are still very cautious," says Kunert,

"It is very started slow," confirmed Catherine Goldner, landlady from the Wacker Berger "Altwirt". Only on whit Monday, you've noticed that more and more tourists and excursionists in the County. "It went really well," says Goldner. Since the re-opening, you realize that the business is "very weather has become dependent". "Most do not want to sit inside. Therefore, we have in case of rain, hardly any guests,“ says you. "That I can host in the garden, still 120 seats, playing a game on me, fortunately in the cards."

Inns to find creative ways for guests to attract

Guido and Juliane Weigel, the host people from the "Abbey tavern" in Benediktbeuern have had similar experiences. "It's double the work for less revenue," says Juliane Weigl. Since the start of the holidays, more guests would come, "but as soon as it rains, it really mau." In order to create a bit more normal atmosphere, the host people to come up with something: "Because we are not allowed to leave on Sunday, as usual, a brass band playing, we put on our stage dolls in traditional costume and instruments, and it runs in the Background, a brass band," says the landlady.

+ Peter Frech hopes that soon more guests come to his Restaurant "Jailhouse".©To convey Pröhl

However, despite all efforts, an everyday sense, could not work the "monastery of bräustüberl" long with a staff full of occupation, stresses Weigel. We currently have half of the controls,“ says the landlady. That you can accommodate your guests up to 22 at the outside, was a "necessary easing". She realizes that many accept this offer. "Because people are careful and don't want to put in."

Tölzer tradition house Binderbräu for the time being, is closed again

Elisabeth Adlwarth is the landlady of the "village tavern" in Lenggries. They, too, suffered greatly from the Corona-related closure. But even then, the business was run "tough face". By tourists that are currently traveling in the Region, "it is a little better, but it's still noticeable that fewer Locals come to lunch with me. The people are still very subdued,“ says Adlwarth.

Exactly Andreas Binder brought to the operating again shut down. For the time being of the Tölzer remains "Binderbräu" closed. "It didn't pay off economically," he says. "The restaurant is great, we alone have cost the cool houses enormous power. And the guests are still very cautious.“ In addition, according to the Binder not possible to transport with the provisions of "the Bavarian tavern mentality". So far, the Plan is to peak times to be open, such as during the holiday periods of other länder, again. For this, he got the 1. July envisaged. Binder but would like to appear rumors contrary: "We have not closed due to a Corona case, the Binderbräu will remain forever."

tourism in the Region of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen has resumed travel

Finally can cruise tourists over the Kochelsee. Shipping has resumed its operation.

Also on the Walchensee, the tourism industry is about to start up again. Controls, and more Parking spaces to prevent traffic chaos.

The mountain Railways to ride again. At the Blomberg and Brauneck it went quiet.

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Date Of Update: 05 June 2020, 06:33