Wellness treatment: facial sauna against skin impurities: tips for use and effects

A "facial steamer" works with ordinary steam.

Wellness treatment: facial sauna against skin impurities: tips for use and effects

A "facial steamer" works with ordinary steam. This begs the question, why buy such a device at all when an ordinary pot of hot water could be used just as well? In fact, the difference is in the details: a facial sauna can regulate the steam, especially the temperature. This gives you the opportunity to adapt the Facial Steamer to your individual requirements and your skin type. And that's not all the benefits that a facial steamer has to offer.

The deep cleansing with particularly fine steam should open the pores on the face even better, so that sebum deposits and dirt are washed to the surface. This is made possible by a special ion technology that has been installed in most models. In addition to combating annoying skin blemishes such as blackheads, acne and pimples, a facial steamer can stimulate blood circulation and thus supply the face with oxygen - which in turn is important for cell renewal. And last but not least, a facial sauna should also be able to counteract skin aging. Now comes the big but: While the device is particularly suitable for people with impure, greasy and oily skin, you should use the Facial Steamer with caution if you tend to have dry and sensitive skin. It can dry out the skin, so your face should definitely be treated with a moisturizing cream after use.

Warning: If you suffer from skin irritation, eczema, rosacea or couperose, a facial sauna is not recommended as it can aggravate the symptoms.

The facial steamer usually consists of a steamer and a diffuser. Most models are supplied with additional attachments that can be used to treat individual areas of the skin in a more targeted manner. In addition, aromatherapy with essential oils is possible, which is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. And some devices can also be used for inhaling, for example with typical cold symptoms. Five different models are presented below.

1. Beurer facial sauna

With this Beurer model, you can regulate the intensity (from zero to 15) and how much steam should come out of the facial sauna yourself. The device can be used both for cosmetic treatment and for inhalation - there is a special attachment for this. In addition, a fragrance container is included in the scope of delivery, so that special aroma therapies are possible.

2. Gesichtssauna von Lonove

The bestseller on Amazon comes from Lonove: The facial sauna is equipped with ion technology, which splits water into tiny nanoparticles - and can therefore penetrate even deeper into the skin than ordinary steam. According to the manufacturer, the device only needs 30 seconds before it can be used for facial cleansing for ten minutes at a time.

3. Grundig facial sauna

The Facial Steamer from Grundig is also used exclusively for cosmetic facial hydration and deep cleansing - in the fight against blackheads, acne and pimples. The manufacturer advertises that you can adjust the steam individually to your face. This is made possible by an adjustable steam outlet. The circulation-enhancing application is recommended for ten to 15 minutes two to three times a week.

4. Panasonic Facial Sauna

By far the most expensive device of this round comes from Panasonic: In contrast to the other models, the manufacturer advertises that its facial sauna can reduce small lines and wrinkles on the face – in addition to the pore-deep cleaning using nano-ion technology. This is made possible by the steam particles, which are said to be 18,000 times finer than those of a conventional steam bath.

5. Revlon facial sauna

Revlon's "Ultimate Glow" Facial Steamer is available from Otto. The facial sauna can heat the water vapor up to 45 degrees, so it can moisturize the skin (according to the manufacturer) and cleanse it at the same time. This device is also equipped with UV technology and has an adjustable nozzle so that it can be aimed at the forehead, nose or chin.

Before you start the first application, you should clean your face thoroughly and remove any make-up residue. Regardless of what the user manual says, it is advisable not to use the device for more than ten minutes the first time. This way you can gradually get your skin used to the treatment and find out how your face reacts to the steam. To start the facial sauna, it is best to read the manufacturer's instructions, as each facial steamer works differently. Most devices have the following steps in common:

And a few more tips at the end: As with any sauna session, the same applies to the facial steamer: do not overdo it. Do not use the device too frequently, preferably no more than twice a week in the summer months. In winter, the facial sauna should only be used once a week at most, otherwise the skin would dry out too quickly.

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