NYC weather: How much rain can we expect? The worst storms forecaster

STATEN ISLAND (N.Y.) -- The "worst of the storm" is coming to New York City, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Max Gawryla.

NYC weather: How much rain can we expect? The worst storms forecaster

Staten Island will be hit by heavy rains and windstorms Monday night. The worst storms are expected to sweep the borough between midnight to 4 a.m.

Gawryla described it as a disaster, and the tri-state region will witness the merging two storms.

The Advance reported originally that the storm would reach Staten Island at 7 p.m. But Gawryla stated it has now moved to 9 p.m. when it will be all around "messy."

Gawryla stated that severe thunderstorm and heavy rain warnings are currently in effect over Southeastern Pennsylvania, Central New Jersey as of 7:45 PM.

Gawryla said, "We will soon witness this slowly creeping up on Staten Island within an hour or so, where it will fill out over the tri-state." "When it does reach New York City, it'll be the worst storm with heavy rains throughout the night and Tuesday afternoon."

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flooding watch from Monday night to Wednesday. Strong winds could also affect homes and businesses, most likely Tuesday afternoon.

Expected rainfall amounts range from 4 to 6 inches in most areas, but more in certain regions.

According to the National Weather Service, some residents may be able to escape flooding overnight. However, residents are advised to remain prepared until Wednesday afternoon.

Gawryla stated that the storm won't be over until Wednesday morning and Tuesday will see some relief from the heavy rains until the afternoon.

Gawryla stated that the rain should have stopped by Tuesday evening. However, right now, there is concern about the storm's potential to continue throughout the night.

He said that October's rainfall is not unusual. This is however the first time we have had a nor'easter this year, state officials warned in a Gov. Kathy Hochul warns that heavy rains combined with soils already saturated will likely cause flooding at various locations. High winds can also cause damage to power lines and tree limbs.

Hochul stated that he had directed state agencies to make emergency response assets and be available to deploy them in case local governments or communities need assistance. "We are ready to assist our fellow New Yorkers."

Officials say that the New York City Emergency Management Department will activate its virtual Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which will be available to city, state, and private partners on Monday evening to coordinate a response to the storm.

A travel advisory has been issued by the city for anyone who plans to drive during floods.

The agency advised that you seek higher ground during heavy rains or to move to a higher level if you are in a basement. New Yorkers are also advised to stay indoors and limit their travel. Avoid driving into areas where water is covering the road, as it may be deeper than you think.

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