Dave Chappelle was praised for not bending to the transgender controversy.

Chappelle was referred to by supporters as "one of the greatest comedians ever to live" and "a person of real conviction".

Dave Chappelle was praised for not bending to the transgender controversy.

Supporters praised Dave Chappelle Monday's response to controversy over his Netflix special "The Closer" as he stated he wasn't "bending to anybody’s demands" after left-wing backlash regarding remarks he made concerning transgendered persons.

Criticians lambasted Chappelle for the special that aired earlier in the month. They claimed he had gone too far with his jokes and that he was homophobic and transphobic. A small number of Netflix employees protested the special by staging a walkout last Wednesday.

"To the transgender population, I am more than happy to give you an opportunity, but you won't summon me. I will not bend to anyone's demands. Chappelle posted a video to Instagram that he said, "And if you would like to meet with me," before adding some conditions to ensure a successful meeting.

Chappelle also claimed that "corporate interests" were to blame for his cancellation after the backlash about the special. He also claimed that the LGBTQ community had been supportive and loving towards him.

On social media, supporters reacted to Chappelle's refusal to accept criticism. Some urged him to not give in to pressure while others declared that he would stop cancel culture's "madness" by standing up to it.

"Dave Chappelle doesn't identify as a Republican or Democrat. He is a comedian. He's not supposed reaffirm your political beliefs. Instead, he's supposed make jokes. Let the man be. One supporter wrote, while another said it would be a bad precedent to cancel him.

"Man gotta love Dave Chappelle!!!! All that is wrong with him is EXACTLY the world ...", wrote retired NFL linebacker Nic Harsh, while another supporter stated, "When it's right, don't give an inch."

However, Chappelle was criticised for his handling of the controversy. Some critics called him a millionaire who complained to an packed arena about being cancelled.

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