'Colin, in Black & White: How a Cultural Icon And Agent of Social Change Is Made

The Netflix series "Colin in Black & White", which premieres Friday, features Jaden Michael, an 18-year-old who plays Kaepernick.

'Colin, in Black & White: How a Cultural Icon And Agent of Social Change Is Made

It is centered on Kaepernick’s formative high school years and all the factors that shaped him into a social justice pioneer whose influence is still felt today.

Although there are many titles that Colin Kaepernick has been given, they don't give us a sense of who he really is or the events in his life that shaped him into the social justice fighter he has been for many years.

This is all about to change with Netflix's Colin in Black & White series. It was co-created and directed by Kaepernick, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ava DuVernay. The drama's six-part story centers on Kaepernick's high school days in Turlock, California (60 miles east of San Jose).

Kaepernick narrates the series and gives more insight into the cultural and societal factors that contributed to Kaepernick's rise to prominence in the global social justice movement. He knelt during the performance of the national anthem at an exhibition game in 2016 as a protest against police brutality and social inequality.

When Kaepernick was asked what he hopes to achieve after kneeling, he said that "Ultimately it's to raise awareness and make people aware of what's happening in this country." "There are many things that are wrong; people aren't being held accountable for them." This is something that must change.

Colin in Black & White also stars Nick Offerman, Mary-Louise Parker, and Jaden Michael, 18, who play a young Kaepernick.

Michael is still young but has been involved in the entertainment business since he was just two years old. He knows how important it is to be able to change roles to feel authentic and connect with the audience.

Michael was able to pivot when he had to portray a three-sport athlete such as Kaepernick.

"I didn't play team sports growing up. Michael, who starred as Wonderstruck and Vampires vs the Bronx, says that he was too frequent at auditions. "I can recall playing soccer for two weeks. My mom got a panic attack when someone kicked me. I have never played soccer again."

Michael acknowledges that acting and sports can seem quite different but there are important similarities.

Michael stated that they complement each other well. Acting is emotional but also physical. It requires being aware of your body language and how you move. Particularly, team sports and athleticism are physically-based. It also has an emotional component. It was hard to learn 18 years in three months. Then, after learning the sport, it was time to learn how to play it as Colin. He throws the ball very precisely. It was great fun.

Kaepernick was keen to help Michael understand the nuances of the position of quarterback.

Michael stated that Kaepernick would speak to him about the smaller details that are difficult to see from a video or picture of Kaepernick's playing. For example, what he looks for in the pocket to let him know when it's time to throw the ball downfield or look at the run.

These interactions helped Michael gain a better understanding of Kaepernick who is one of the most reclusive and high-profile athletes.

He's very difficult to read. You'll be like, "Gimme something man!" He has a flat face. Michael jokingly said, "Give me something!" He warms up, and then he becomes joyful and jovial. He was so open and helpful once we got to know each other.

This Netflix series will help you to understand the impact of Kaepernick’s formative years on his transformation into an icon in the country's social justice movement.

Michael stated, "It's big but it's an important discussion." It's an important conversation that has been neglected for too long. It's a great thing that Colin and the story can catalyze this conversation.

Michael said, "This is not Colin's explanation why he knelt. It's a tribute to his past, and then, it highlights situations that he's gone through that lead to what makes a legend or what makes a cultural icon.

Date Of Update: 26 October 2021, 13:19

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