Ash Sarkar, a threat to all, furious at YouTube channel

Ash Sarkar, a threat to all, furious at YouTube channel

NOVARA MEDIA was a British left-wing media outlet that had its YouTube channel removed on Tuesday morning. The site's editors were furious.

Ash Sarkar, a media commentator, and contributing editor at Novara Media, described the removal of the YouTube account from the news site as an "attack against quality British journalism" before it could be reinstated.

She shared her pain on Twitter by writing: "Novara Media fully regulated under IMPRESS.

"We have produced the most thorough analysis of the coronavirus epidemic, interviewing world-class specialists and keeping an audience full of young people disengaged from legacy media updated about current affairs."

She claimed that an "unaccountable American tech titan" may have "not liked our politics or our personalities", and demanded that the channel be deleted. Aaron Bastani, cofounder of proCorbyn Novara wrote, "A YouTube decision made without explanation or due process."

The media outlet tweeted a statement saying: "This morning, the Novara Media YouTube channel has been deleted without warning or explanation.

"Novara Media is one of the most popular news and politics channels in Britain.

"We are a public service organization and feature regular interviews with scientists, politicians, and activists from all over the world.

"We are also regulated in the UK by Impress.

"We appeal to YouTube to immediately restore our account."

The platform was launched in 2011 with the mission to provide "New media for a new politics".

Novara's channel was reinstated today after a conversation about social media that was started by journalists, MEPs, and the general public using the hashtag #ReinstateNovara.

A variety of Labour politicians joined the discussion to voice their discontent. Nadia Whittome said: "Solidarity With Novara Media."

"Their independent journalism is vital, as well as the platforming of marginalised voices in an environment dominated by billionaire media owners"

Bell Ribeiro Addy said: "This reeks censorship.

Novara provided valuable analysis and scrutiny during the pandemic.