North-Isere. The news at noon on Sunday, May 29: What you should remember

Charnel de cats in the Loire: "My spouse is overwhelmed by her passion for animals.

North-Isere. The news at noon on Sunday, May 29: What you should remember

Charnel de cats in the Loire: "My spouse is overwhelmed by her passion for animals."

For a little over two years, a couple from Isere (the husband works in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier) rented a house located at a place called La Montagne, in Bellegarde-en-Forez. The couple stopped paying their rent after five months. The owners begin eviction proceedings. This happens in May. After the tenants left, the owners took possession of the house. They found it in a terrible state of health. The floors are strewn with animal feces. The laundry room is one example of a room that emits a strong, unpleasant stench. The urine of cats, who probably lived in the house in their many dozens, has corroded the pipes and electrical sockets.

Bellegarde-en-Forez tenant was where about sixty dead cats were discovered, half in the freezer and half buried in pots. This brought elements to the table while refuting any accusations of cruelty or abuse. About animals.

Jules' parents, who are severely autistic and sick, were in great distress without any reception structure.

Virginie and Kevin are the parents to Jules, who is 6 years old and has glycogen storage disorder type III. This rare genetic condition affects only a few people. Jules has to stay home because there are not enough places at medico-educational institutions. Estrablin's family feels abandoned.

Bourgoin-Jallieu - Road safety in Charbonnieres is a concern

Throughout the Mozas/Montbernier/Charbonnieres/Les Coteaux area, the issue of safety along the main roads is central. Residents started a petition to alert the town hall after a Charbonnieres accident last month. The subject will be addressed at a plenary meeting by the neighborhood council.

Julien Bonnaire is your sports legend for the 2010s

Our readers and Internet users Legend of North Isere sports in the 2010s elected the former emblematic third row of CSBJ as well as the French team. Although the duel was close with Melina Robert-Michon the French athlete, Julien Bonnaire won with 40%. This is proof that our sponsor has not lost any of his charisma since 2017. An impressive 20-year career in rugby but with the mentality of tennis.

"We are short on volunteers": To break the world record, Bouvesse-Quirieu's solidarity pebbles collective needs your help

Residents will gather more than 25,000 pebbles at the Bouvesse-Quirieu gym to enter the Guinness Book of Records on the weekend of June 4th and 5. This title is currently held by the United States. This is the story of an incredible outpouring in generosity for children living with cancer. It takes many volunteers. Caroline Dumoulin, a school teacher who was the original inventor of the project, explains.

This Sunday's selection of outings in Nord-Isere

Stroll, ball, concert,... Find out our selection of outings this Sunday, May 29, in Nord-Isere.