Mauricie outfitters are waiting for you

For several years, Mauricie outfitters have been able to develop a very interesting offer, both for fishing enthusiasts and for people who want to live outdoor experiences.

Mauricie outfitters are waiting for you

For several years, Mauricie outfitters have been able to develop a very interesting offer, both for fishing enthusiasts and for people who want to live outdoor experiences.

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Whether you are alone, with family or in a group, you will certainly find what you are looking for among the choice available to you. These passionate men and women have developed a rather unique way of welcoming you.

In the different territories, it is possible to live very different experiences. If we want to go there with examples, let's start with the Hosanna outfitter, which offers you stays in a cabin, in the heart of nature, in peace and with all the services you will need for a very comfortable stay. The offer of stays is in European plan, including boats and motors.

In addition to fishing, you will be able to visit the territory (via developed trails), the fish farm and the museum of the founder of the place, Michel Béland. A conversation with this unique man alone is worth the stay.

Another example is Domaine Desmarais. The owner, Yannick Desmarais, has breathed new life into this outfitter, which formerly existed under the name Club Vignerod. Today, you will find on-site four-star cabins and high-quality fishing for speckled trout and lake trout. Also, for the family, he has developed a whole infrastructure that will meet the expectations of young and old with kayaks, pedal boats and water games just in front of the chalets on the main site.

We can also talk about the Dumoulin Lake outfitter, with its cabins located on an island in the center of the lake. Upon arrival, you are driven back to your pontoon cabin from the parking lot at the head of the lake. There are chalets and a hostel on site, which means you can experience a European plan stay and have meals at the hostel. For fishing, you can tease speckled trout, splake, lake trout, arctic char and northern pike.


We could add, among the remarkable destinations in the region, the Oscar outfitter and the Némiskau outfitter. There too, after a stay, you will remember your experience for a long time.

If you have the soul of an adventurer and want to live an exceptional experience, Mauricie outfitters have operations further north in the region.

The owner of the Air Tamarac outfitter, Jean Blanchard, has facilities that are only accessible by seaplane. By going there, it is clear that your chances of capturing very beautiful specimens are increased accordingly.

On the waters of the majestic Gouin reservoir, a destination recognized for the quality of walleye fishing, the Montagnard outfitter, with its houseboats, will make you experience emotions. Strolling with your cabin on the water and anchoring yourself on a beach before going walleye fishing are unforgettable moments. These floating chalets are fully equipped to make you live a very comfortable stay, in European plan.

The offer of outfitters in the region is therefore very varied, meeting the expectations of any type of fisherman, both those looking for an inn and those who want to live an isolated adventure, in the middle of the forest.


Over the years, the 75 outfitters in the territory have adapted to the new reality of customers, who want more than just a fishing excursion.

A bit everywhere on the territory, we have installed infrastructures, such as water games, beaches with surveillance, equipment such as kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, paddle boards, so many elements that make the difference during a stay and which can satisfy the whole small family.

Over time, habits have changed, dad's fishing trip has become a family adventure, where everyone has to find something for themselves. In this area, in Mauricie, you will find what you are looking for.

The famous pandemic has greatly affected the world of outfitting on several levels. Despite the pitfalls, these outfitters have managed to get by and offer stays and services that live up to their reputation. Several outfitters still have room for this season's holidays, which are fast approaching. If you are tempted by the adventure of working in an outfitter, the outfitters are waiting for you.

To find out more, you can contact the Association des pourvoiries de la Mauricie at 1 877 876-8824 or via


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