In the ski school-in-chief of a rebel is

"It all started so well." Bruno Marinoni sitting on the terrace of the mountain economy, ordered a hot ovaltine and squints in the late-winter midday sun. The

In the ski school-in-chief of a rebel is

"It all started so well." Bruno Marinoni sitting on the terrace of the mountain economy, ordered a hot ovaltine and squints in the late-winter midday sun. The speech is from the winter season that is gradually coming to an end. But also of the Virus that broke of the robbery, in everyday life, and suddenly everything is questioned. "With us," he says, "there is no reason to panic. The ski school is not for the time being, closed."

Salastrains, a high plateau located 2000 meters above sea level and located in the famous ski area of Corviglia above St. Moritz, is the focal point of the legendary ski school, which employs 350 Ski and teachers from 15 countries. On the snowy forecourt, people are busily Coming and Going. Screaming Kids whizzing with outstretched arms on the beginner hill.

"I guess I'm a better Ski than some instructor": Betriebswirt Bruno Marioni in front of the ski school center Salastrains. Photo: Nicola Pitaro

The snow sports teachers, sun-tanned women and men in bright red jackets, called little modest "Red Legends". Welcome your small and large pupils. Deep down the black frozen lake shines, and far in the back of the white shines snow-covered Panorama with the four-thousand meter peaks, the Piz Bernina.

"everything up Here has even started." Marinoni takes up the thread again, SIPS of ovaltine and elegant, has changed the subject from now to once. "At that time", if the establishment of the ski school in front of around 90 years, it was also pretty wild - and walk, he says. The reason for the turbulence is not a pathogen, however, was. A controversial technique aroused passions.

The "Guardia Grisha" rebelled and

won shouted As Giovanni Testa, 1929, in a small hut at Salastrains, the first Swiss ski school to life, vowing to each of the slats in two wood under the mountain of shoes strapped on his own style. Testa made it it's duty, this hullabaloo with a single, natural movement of the body adapted technology to dissolve.

He had, however, made the bill without the "Swiss inter-Association for skiing" that withdrew three years later, the St. Moritz pioneer "due to non-compliance with the Swiss unit technology," the ski instructor license. But Testa had not intimidated and gathered with like-minded ski instructors of the "Guardia Grisha" to.

From the Guardia Grisha, the Red Legends: the Snow Show with a spectacular Skiabrobatik were. Photo: Romano Salis

Twelve years in the graubünden ski school rebels Testas technology, to Edy Reinalter, the Youngest among them, 1948-trained won in the Olympic winter games in St. Moritz Slalom Gold. With this Triumph, the squad, Red Legends, the Guardia Grisha. "And that," decide Bruno Marinoni his digression into the history of skiing, "the work today with Giovanni Testas technology."

Nice story – but what is special about this technique? Since the ski school-the chief smiles disarmingly: this technique has become over the years a myth. And so the story of the disempowered and immediately rehabilitated Giovanni Testa undergoes in the Person of Bruno Marinoni, to a certain extent a new edition.

In the first half of the year, he went through hell

five years Ago, the leadership of the ski school new should be ordered; through winding paths, but not the same Bruno Marinoni, managed at the time, nor the finances of the St. Moritz billionaire came. "I had, as I studied the profile of requirements, spontaneously the thought that this task was not tailored to me," he recalls. "But this idea came from the head. And the belly said: This is your Chance to pack!"

In such cases, Marinoni hears always on the belly – "and I'm still good driving!" In the first half of the year, he had gone through hell, had to overcome, as also Giovanni Testa, all sorts of resistance from opponents who argued that a business economist, was not even admitted as a ski instructor, could never bring the necessary impetus for a reboot on the way. "I grew up in the upper Engadine, live with my family in Maloja", held he the doubters. "Probably I'm a better Ski than some of the instructors."

The ski school of St. Moritz (picture) has just completed her 90. Celebrated the birthday. Photo: Nicola Pitaro

For the Marinoni, it was clear that the ski school St. Moritz had to be in the pipeline. "We hired a new management team on the legs, entrümpelten encrusted structures, digitized processes, brought fresh Wind into the operation and were able to win, especially the youth again for us." Best deals, such as the since 1981, affiliated ski school for the blind and visually impaired people, have been maintained and expanded.

In the last year, as Marinoni celebrated his birthday with the magical number of 55, the 90. The year of his ski school on the anniversary agenda. And because you "should celebrate the festivals as they fall," quoted he, laughing a truism to say, "I wanted to not another ten years until my Retirement, and certainly not up to 100. Birthday of the ski school to wait".

The popular Snow Show, was the first Corona-"sacrifice"

And so celebrated the Red legends in January, her 90-year anniversary with special offers such as "90 minutes of private lessons for 90 francs," and a spectacular Film. At the end of February, the big Snow was a recognized Show, the annual spectacle of the Red legends with a lot of freestyle skiing and a popular festival for all. The Snow Show fell as the first Engadin event of the novel Virus to the victim. And on the day, as always, was like the judgment about the Engadine ski marathon, broken a week ago.

to lift The Corona epidemic threatens to turn the world upside down. But Bruno Marinoni listen to his belly and can abgewinnen also a bit comforting: "This Virus," says the man, whose ski school has produced some of the racers, "has the potential to focus on the Essentials. It is starting to slow."

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