Corona is raging in asylum homes: the number of cases increased in March by almost 20 Times

the spread of The Corona Virus in Asylum centres is progressing ever faster, in the past few weeks, the case numbers have grown dramatically. As the Federal gov

Corona is raging in asylum homes: the number of cases increased in March by almost 20 Times

the spread of The Corona Virus in Asylum centres is progressing ever faster, in the past few weeks, the case numbers have grown dramatically. As the Federal government announced the Ministry of the interior in Berlin on request by FOCUS Online, gave it up to this Tuesday among asylum seekers in Germany, 444 confirmed Corona infections. Be affected "22 places in twelve Federal States," said a spokeswoman.

of the hundreds of cases in refugee homes run by the municipalities

The actual number of Corona-diseases, however, is many times higher, because in just 450 cases, this is only to asylum accommodations, operated by the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf). The bodies of the municipalities are not included in the balance sheet. Alone in the municipal refugee homes in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia had been infected until the end of April more than 1000 people.

But also the Bamf of the Figures are taken are a cause for concern: On 20. March 2020, according to FOCUS-Online-information only 24 confirmed Corona-reported infections in 8 locations in seven States. Within two months, the Infected number has increased almost 20-Fold – an alarming figure.

All the latest news on Corona pandemic, you know, in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

In Bavaria, so far, three refugees Covid-19 died

Almost daily reports of new infections, a meeting in German asylum homes. In Bavaria, three refugees at Covid, according to information from the Ministry of the interior, so far 19 have died, two of them would have had serious pre-existing conditions, it said.

it is not Until this Wednesday it became known that in the community, accommodation for Refugees in Frankfurt am Main 65 residents, as well as two employees of the German Red cross (DRK) with the Coronavirus have been infected. The first eleven Patients have already been relocated in an apartment-Hotel. Another 52 Corona-Infected and their families will follow on Friday. The two DRC staff are in a domestic quarantine.

New cases in Frankfurt, Mainz, Sankt Augustin, Regensburg

Also a refugee of the accommodation rheinland-Palatinate's capital Mainz, there has been an outbreak of the disease: Because of several confirmed Corona cases, the home currently has 113 residents was placed under quarantine.

In the Central accommodation facility (CDE) of the state of NRW for refugees in Sankt Augustin have been tested since the end of last week, 152 of the refugees a positive effect on the Coronavirus, with the addition of 13 infected staff. The establishment with less than 500 inhabitants is quarantined.

on Wednesday evening it became known to have been infected at least 37 people in a refugee accommodation in Regensburg with the Virus.

Because of Corona limitations: riots and strikes,

most of The people accept the stringent regulatory steps to contain the Virus. Some of the measures but also on the rejection or lead to violent protests. Already a few weeks ago it was in asylum accommodation in the Thuringian town of Suhl, as well as in Halberstadt (Saxony-Anhalt) to the rampage and hunger strikes, and the larger police operations resulted in.

In the Bavarian Puchheim, the approximately 20 residents in a quarantine accommodation for asylum-seekers refused to, most recently, the food issue. The people are not allowed to leave the building, because you could infect others with the Corona Virus. You get no money for shopping, but food delivered to your door. As a Protest against your treatment, you threw it all delivered Apples, bread and milk over the fence. The police had to intervene.

Caritas: "Epidemiological catastrophe"

refugee organisations have warned for weeks that it is a serious one such a worsening of the situation. Residents of the properties would be exposed to the enormous risk alone due to the cramped conditions, complain to you. Used for this purpose plumbing together systems and collective kitchens as well as many beds in a sleeping room.

The asylum seekers are not able to go out of the way, which favors the spread of the Virus – similar to on a cruise ship. Add to this a lack of hygiene products such as disinfectants and face masks. According to the Caritas refugee accommodations "are epidemiologically a disaster is".

study: living conditions in homes highly problematic

results of A recent investigation of the University of Bielefeld to Corona contagion risks in refugee homes that the distance requirement and the contact pads can hardly be observed. Especially in the light of the Corona pandemic, the living conditions of the refugees are considered to be highly problematic. The required strict isolation of infected refugees from Non-Infected to be for reasons of space is often not possible, so the scientists. They had analyzed 23 properties with 1367 confirmed infection cases in seven States.

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