He is accused of in 298 cases of murder

The Dutch court is in session right next to the Amsterdam airport from which the plane was launched six years ago in the direction of Kuala Lumpur. 298 people w

He is accused of in 298 cases of murder

The Dutch court is in session right next to the Amsterdam airport from which the plane was launched six years ago in the direction of Kuala Lumpur. 298 people were on Board, all died when the Malaysian passenger plane was shot down a short time later over Eastern Ukraine.

In the method are charged with three Russians and a Ukrainian of the murder. You should have brought the anti-aircraft rake system of the type BUK from Russia, and after the disaster brought back to the tracks. None of the defendants came to the trial. "I said it then and I say it again today: The rebels have not shot down the Boeing," commented Igor Girkin in Moscow. The former "defense Minister" of the self-proclaimed Republic of Donetsk is considered to be the main responsible for the disaster.

would be> Like a General Girkin, who calls himself in Russia, Strelkov (shooter), not looks. But probably he would like to be one. The military historian plays enthusiastically battles with martial replicas of large, such as in the fight against Napoleon, or in scenes from the civil war. He admired above all the generals of the white people, the tsarist army.

However, Girkin is not only war, he makes war. Not only in Eastern Ukraine, in almost every conflict of the former Soviet Union, he was: First in Moldova, then in Chechnya, where Moscow-inspired separatists, led a bloody struggle against Islamist. Then he moved on to Bosnia, where he fought on the side of the Serbs and the order was decorated. Human rights activists accuse him of in several cases to have executions and carried out arranged.

Also in the case of the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea in 2014, Russia was part of it. He was there as an "emissary of the Kremlin" and organized "voluntary associations". After the victory on the Peninsula, he moved with his fighters on to the next Hotspot In the Eastern Ukraine, he became in may 2014, the "defense Minister" of the rebels in Donetsk. Without him and his people, so Girkin prides himself gladly, it never came to the war in Eastern Ukraine, then the whole rebellion would be lost in the Sand, as it is in other Parts of Ukraine also.

With him is Russia in court: Igor Girkin in the year 2014. Photo: Dmitry Lovetsk (AP, Keystone)

In the early summer of 2014, the rebels, several Ukrainian Jets shoot. They were proud of themselves on Social media with their spectacular acts, pictures of a BUK, which was allegedly made from government's stocks drop, made weeks before the accident the round. Later, all Posts were deleted neatly. According to the international examination authority, but it was a Russian BUK that the passenger plane was shot down: Girkin and his co-defendants helper to you on the day of a military base in the Kursk Region in Russia on the border with the Ukraine. Probably you wanted to expand the spectacular series of aircraft kills more.

The real goal, so a lot of Russian observers say was a Ukrainian transport machine. But was hit in the 17. July 2014, the Boeing with 298 people on Board. The machine, which was ripped by the Explosion in pieces, went down over rebel territory. In the grisly work of the bodies were collected and refrigerated vehicles, brought into the government area. Some of the passengers, only parts have been found, some are still missing until today. Girkin claimed at the time, immediately, the rebels had not shot, and instructed his people, found items of value to the "defense Ministry" to submit, in order to Finance the war. He alleged that the railway wagon, which arrived in the Eastern Ukrainian Kharkiv, had been, in deed and in truth empty, only later to have filled you with any corpses.

Today in the role of the opposition

With Girkin, also Russia is in Amsterdam, indirectly before the court. Especially the Netherlands and Australia emphasize the co-responsibility of the Kremlin. Russia supports the rebels with weapons and money, without this aid they could not hold for long. Whether the Kremlin Girkin sent with a clear mission to the conflict area and how far he obeyed direct commands from Moscow, is controversial. The man who has for many years worked for the Russian secret service, was nothing more than a cynical stooge of the Kremlin, say, many Western observers. Russian experts suggest, rather, that he played his own game, but the protection of the Kremlin enjoyed.

He himself complains, the Kremlin had abandoned him. Vladislav Surkov, the former gray cardinal in the Kremlin and directly for interfering in the Ukraine is responsible, have not given him enough support. Here, Surkov had so much money for the project, "he would have been able to buy the whole of Ukraine, Kyiv included", complains Girkin in an Interview. After the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger plane for Russia today, any kind of responsibility, rejected categorically, it was Girkin deducted immediately from the Eastern Ukraine. Praise and medals he has received for his work there, apparently not even a new Job. Last year, he auctioned off his medals that he had received from a nationalist oligarchs to help with the annexation of the Crimea, on the Internet, in order to its finances.

Today, Girkin is an exercise in the role of the opposition. President Vladimir Putin was a schemer, he says, he will bring Russia to its knees. The Russian Regime is a separate, mafiöses System. Special grudge he has against the Putin proposed amendment to the Constitution. Quite the man of the people, he has submitted recently a complaint to the presidential administration. He doesn't mind the authoritarianism, this is the only right form of government for Russia. But him an all-Russian "Orthodox monarchy in mind". Therein, white Russia and the Ukraine are to be merged into a new great Russia, so much so, as he has in Ukraine, it has been tried.

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