May I visit my grandmother yet?

a change in strategy when dealing with the Coronavirus : New, the urgency is to protect particularly vulnerable persons. On Monday health Director Natalie Ric

May I visit my grandmother yet?

a change in strategy when dealing with the Coronavirus : New, the urgency is to protect particularly vulnerable persons. On Monday health Director Natalie Rickli (SVP) informed the member of the Parliament, and afterwards to the media about the current situation, together with a variety of professionals.

According to Stefan Kuster, Senior consultant infectious diseases and hospital hygiene at the University hospital of Zurich, it is not possible in all cases, the transfer chains to trace. Since you can no longer stop the disease in Switzerland, is the name of the new destination, to protect vulnerable individuals. And to keep the wave of infections as low as possible, so that the hospitals will not be overloaded. Be tested in addition, only individuals in Corona that meet certain criteria.

In the room various questions.

How is a disease?

In the first line by a cough. Usually associated with fever. According to the infection Loge of Stefan Kuster from the University hospital, it is also possible that someone has first just the fever and the cough comes later. "If the fever is not explained, for example, with a bladder infection or a stomach flu, then you should be suspicious."

What must I do if I have symptoms?

To stay at home. And "generous," advises the infection Loge, that is, until 24 hours after resolution of symptoms. This is true not only for the Sick, which were tested positive for Corona, but also for non-tested. Be sure to contact people avoid, are especially at risk: persons over 65 with pre-existing conditions.

the whole family Need to stay home?

relatives of patients who were not tested, allowed to leave the house; you need to observe well, and in the presence of symptoms also stay at home. Relatives of a confirmed Corona-Infected should stay at least five days at home.

tested, Who will?

"It does not make sense, every little cough to be clarified," says infectious disease Loge of Stefan Kuster. On Corona will be tested only if the ill Person meets one of the following four criteria: it shows severe symptoms. She has an increased risk due to pre-existing conditions. You must for the sake of another suffering to the hospital. She works in a health facility.

I Must visit my grandmother in the retirement home yet?

Depending on, say, the Zurich doctors President Josef Widler, the care of a home in Altstetten. Who's got a cold or is sick, should not visit Grosi, of course, no matter where this lives. A General prohibition of Widler but not unreasonable, especially since you know how long the crisis will last and visits for the elderly are very important. A healthy man should visit its healthy mother in the home continue to be, but not necessarily at the entrance, the hands disinfected. Restrictive the recommendations of the city of Zurich are: she asks the members to reduce the visits to the home and instead, to call or even send a bouquet of Flowers. Visits of children and adolescents prohibits the city. Because this would comply with prevention measures in less well, and you could unrecognized to be sick, because the Virus triggers in children are often mild symptoms.

it Has enough of a disinfectant?

According to the cantonal pharmacist Andreas man behind the Canton has seven tons of disinfectants in stock. The rich, until further notice. In addition, it has been the pharmacies and drugstores officially allowed, yourself to disinfectants produce. The Canton of pharmacy will in turn absorb the production. Special protective masks for medical staff to be the front hand enough.

What about events?

events over a thousand persons are prohibited, including no permit is in the Canton of Zurich is required. The DG speaks of personal responsibility and gives recommendations. (You can find it here) events, where a lot of people from strong of Corona affected areas or a lot of vulnerable people, should be cancelled. In addition, the event, the lower the risk of contagion is: the smaller. And more space, less risk. The Canton police has set up a Hotline for organizers and municipalities, under the ten civil guards and two police officers to answer questions. You will be called per day, about 200 Times.

Ärztefon for medical questions about Corona: 0800 33 66 55 Hotline of the BAG: 058 463 00 00 Hotline for organizers and communities: 0800 044 117

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