The Ambivalent to pulled him

Where to begin, if such an actor has come to the end of life? With the Crusader, Antonius Block, perhaps, this man with the thorny mind, who starred in Ingmar B

The Ambivalent to pulled him

Where to begin, if such an actor has come to the end of life? With the Crusader, Antonius Block, perhaps, this man with the thorny mind, who starred in Ingmar Bergman's "The seventh seal" (1957) with the death itself, about the life of chess. Although the block body was ready to Go, but I in it not. In him and around him all was Weariness, sarcasm and despair, but in disgust at the World the remnants of humanity and zitterndem suggested still Believe. Block played with the white figures – and lost, of course, because of the death, extends no deadlines, neither knights nor peasants. It is these scenes were full of metaphysical gravity, and cheerfulness, which made the actor Max von Sydow, born 1929 in Lund, Sweden, the international famous.

Max von Sydow (Second from right) in "The seventh seal" by Ingmar Bergman. Photo: Svensk film Industri

again and again he worked with Bergman, in stories of crime and punishment, revenge and forgiveness, of this world and the Hereafter, and the demons in between rich. In the ' 60s, the "The maiden source", "The hour of the wolf", "shame" and "Passion". Of his Director, he spoke with admiration and friendship, even with grateful love. They were, he once said, connected to each other in spirit and in conversation, about to Die, and the grave also. Because the old friend was already dead, but still long not died for Max von Sydow.

Not an ounce of Kitsch in the game

in fact, he kept Bergman for his Creator. What was not before the stage of the "Dramaten" in Stockholm or the cinematic Strindberg adaptation "miss Julie"–, was so right, and it could be that the artistic creation has a lot of Truth. As far as one recalls, it seemed a as ash, Max von Sydow, the "Bergman", which was then but very "Sydowsch", the best expertly: ambivalent characters were more complex than they looked, if you entfächerten in their contradictions. In the Gram, where the light still not quite blown out in the confidence-less Confidence was; in the cold Rigor, the core of which was the existence of fear;; also in the cruelty.

He has often been chosen wisely: figures who fought against their own Break. Under the disciplined crust of Baron von Trotta in Axel Cortis "Radetzky March" (1994) böckelte and faulte virtually the Danube monarchy. In "Pelle the conqueror" (1987) directed by Bille August, he was (driven, as Pelles father) Would he also played the would lack of understanding, and lovable, and there is no grams was Kitsch in his game that won him a first Oscar Nomination.

Max von Sydow as Blofeld in the James Bond Film "Never Say Never Again" (1983). Photo: PD

Hollywood and others he places in the film industry turned equipped Max von Sydow with Holiness. With the mystery of the faith, and the bright vision of the prophet. He had this talent to make a mystical impression. The Priest stood to him, which God he served. A couple of good fights against the devil, he has certainly fought: As Jesus Christ in "The Greatest Story Ever Told", his first American production. As father Merrin in William Friedkins "The Exorcist" anyway. He gave the surface a mystery, even if he made the art of cinema, but only fairly nourished. For example, as Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond Film "Never Say Never Again" (1983). In 2016, you have seen him in the series "Game of Thrones" again very impressive sitting in the undergrowth of the weirwood tree, the "three-eyed Raven" in anticipation of the upcoming world winter.

Horror, with Max von Sydow In "The Exorcist" he is trying to it as father Merrin with an exorcism. Source: Moonlight Goddess

Klaus Maria Brandauer, the Austrian colleague, remembered by the way, like Max von Sydow, as he spoke in an Interview about the film and about the simultaneity of Dignity and Comedy. He told then how he, Brandauer, was once stood in the Bulgarian hill country, as Julius Caesar, breastplate and helmet, a Horror-equipped for the struggle with Vercingetorix, "" actually. But since Max von Sydow was suddenly on him waddles, costumed as a Gallic upper druid, and such delicious absurdity of it experience working only at rotary.

Since 2002, Max von Sydow is a French citizen, his residence was for a long time in Paris, he worked everywhere, where roles provoked him, but the summer holidays, he was still in Sweden. On Sunday he died at the age of 90 years.

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