Federal government should leave its roofs, Private

In Switzerland, could create roofs and facades annually to 67 terawatt-hours of solar electricity – an amount that is approximately equivalent to the total elec

Federal government should leave its roofs, Private

In Switzerland, could create roofs and facades annually to 67 terawatt-hours of solar electricity – an amount that is approximately equivalent to the total electricity production in Switzerland during a year. The potential of what the Swiss Federal office of energy (BFE) last year, is so large. The reality, however, is different: The production of solar electricity is only approximately 2.4 terawatt hours.

The green-liberals want to start a, as you call it, "solar offensive". In several cantons, including Zurich, a representative shortly, initiatives, or have you submitted this week. The job: The cantonal governments shall ensure that all suitable roofs of cantonal real estate, photovoltaic systems are built.

With the same claim, the Federal Council is now faced. The Zurich national councillor Barbara Schaffner, a enough on Thursday to a corresponding Motion: The Federal Council should demonstrate how the properties of the Federal government within the next five to ten years, all suitable roof and facade areas can be equipped with photovoltaic systems. How much more solar power it could give no estimates are available yet.

use exchange are a Problem

The Federal Council has set itself this goal in the last summer; to the middle of the year, a concept should be. A new conductor is a proposal that the Federal government for those areas that he does not want to cultivate yourself or to a third party to give, such as private vendors or cooperatives, the solar produce electricity. According to this principle, the cantonal governments shall, as from the cantonal GLP-Motions show. "It takes increased effort to the energy strategy 2050 and the national climate protection goals," says Schaffner. The Federal government should create an Online marketplace. Here, the idea can offer the of the Federal government, but also the cantons of matching surfaces.

will look Like the Plan of the Federal Council in Detail, is open. The Federal government would forgive but your own space to third parties, he could have avoided a cliff: The Federal administration is missing today, after a legal assessment, a statutory basis for self-produced electricity to sell. Therefore, it produces electricity only for own consumption. You would feed this electricity into the grid, for example, on the weekend, if the captive is missing, is likely to earn the Federal administration, so there is nothing like the BFE explained. "On the other hand, you would have to get a market price, because they would otherwise compete with the market."

The solar industry welcomes the initiatives. "It is for investment companies is not easy to find suitable roofs," says David stickelberger, managing Director of the industry Association Swissolar. The reason is that A roof owner should undertake at least 15 years to make his roof available, this is listed in the rule in the basic book. However, industrial or office, be subject to change buildings in the tendency to rapid Use, other than Federal buildings that are "very suitable".

wait and see First?

Whether the Motion will be in the majority in Parliament capable of, is open. Although you have signed representatives of all the groups, there is resistance but from bourgeois circles. SVP national councillor Mike Egger wants to first wait and see how the concept of the Federal Council looks like, and then claims to bring in. Disturbing, he finds that the Motion is aimed only at the public building. This action is required, such as in the case of private persons, which have, for example, protected property, and where such plants want to install is for Egger elsewhere. "Often, such projects are confronted with long and bureaucratic licensing procedures, if you are approved at all." But it is precisely here, according to Egger, not to put the initiatives.

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