So the Zurich government is responding to the Corona decision

for a Long time Switzerland has been waiting for the decision of the Federal Council, then the drastic package of measures, there was suddenly no school and no

So the Zurich government is responding to the Corona decision

for a Long time Switzerland has been waiting for the decision of the Federal Council, then the drastic package of measures, there was suddenly no school and no events with people over 100 people (more to the Federal Council's decision, read here).

Only a short time later, at 16.30 PM, were health Director Natalie Rickli (SVP), education Director, Silvia Steiner (CVP), the security chief, Mario Fehr (SP) and Economics Director, Carmen Walker Späh (FDP). The omnipresent word: solidarity. All stressed that the population are now together and the pads should keep. But what are the concrete implications for ...

... the schools
... health care
... the economy and the workers
... the events

now it hits the Zurich schools

"We are glad to the decision of the Federal Council," says education Director Silvia Steiner at the press conference. The education Directorate would otherwise have disposed themselves of this measure. The measures will apply until after the spring holiday. All of the events in the school-houses are prohibited. Also the music lessons will no longer be carried out. The nursery are instructed by the education Directorate, the measures as to implement .

in General, teachers are generally in school. Vulnerable teachers and those who belong to a risk group, are allowed to from home or another place of work. But very important: "Not a single child at risk or unsupervised," says Steiner. The education Director is aware, it will for all parties Involved in an unusual Situation. However, the Canton of Zurich and all Participants would Ensure that the care for all those ensures that it is necessary.

The schools would have to find forms, how you can implement the lessons in the future, age appropriate. For schools, a Website was available. The teaching in the course of Mondays free special licences for digital teaching materials of the 1. Primary - up to 3. Secondary class so that the students can learn on-line.

checks , which were already fixed, instead of find. Inspections and tests at the secondary schools on the 25. March will be carried out with the necessary safety measures. Matura examinations and school final exams are not to be canceled, according to the current state of knowledge.

the University of Zurich to temporarily providing digital teaching — The University of Zurich, the presence of teaching from Monday, 16. March 2020, until Further notice.

What is with the protective material and health-care staff?

health Director Natalie Rickli (SVP), the drastic measures taken by the Confederation is important and right. You will be greeted by the uniform rules for the cantons. as of today, there is in the Canton of Zurich, 140 cases . Enough hospital beds for emergencies are available to operations that are not urgent, to be moved .

Currently, a lot of protection material be restored. The Canton of Zurich is well-positioned. In comparison to other cantons, you have better , scheduled for the health Director says. Also the detained trucks at the border is to be released in these hours.

There are in the area of health, a great need for strengthened . To find additional health personnel, but it is very difficult, says Rickli. There is also a civilian jumps in protection, in particular in the administrative area. The labour Inspectorate will be instructed to easily deal with the Situation. The Canton of Zurich have taken from the patients without Coronavirus from the Canton of Ticino, in order to relieve the Ticino.

The Directorate of Health would like to thank all employees in the health care industry for their tireless efforts.

What does it mean for the economy and workers

Economics Director, Carmen Walker Späh says: "The closure of schools, working in front of big challenges." It appeals to the employer and the employee to apply questions to the appropriate Advisory bodies.

the goal of the Canton is get as many jobs as possible to . With unemployment insurance and short-time work, you will have good tools in Hand. In the cantonal administration, you will handle the loss of work by parents to care for their children, generous.

550 companies have logged in since February, short-time work. The Numbers have risen in the past few days, an explosion, and the economy Directorate is faced with major challenges. Consultations and notifications to the RAVs will only be carried out by phone and online. So, the commuter flows can be reduced in size. 1500 consultations fall out per day.

The Ministry of economic Affairs has set up a cantonal task force. You should also explore the financial leeway to support the economy.

This means the decision for events

Director of Security Mario Fehr makes it clear: The Event is set, without behavior would be punished. He calls the promoter and Bar owner at the Zurich langstrasse to follow the safety rules. This means: In Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs are the may be up to 50 people . The persons present must also comply with the hygiene recommendations and keep your Distance. events of 100 people are prohibited.

The safety and security Directorate will take responsibility and at the border – for the first time on Friday evening at 18.30, if a machine is not from Rome ends up, says Fehr. Because the Federal government has entry of Italy into Switzerland, further restricted . Only Switzerland, the Swiss and people who want to work in Switzerland or of "absolute necessity" to enter the country, be allowed to pass the border.

The Hotline of the security Directorate works since 15.30 in the new enlarged mode . Currently you have already registered 3000 calls. The civil protection is also available in many health facilities in the use of, for example, in the Canton of pharmacy, and in various hospitals, for example, in Horgen. Also in the municipalities and in the area of asylum guards, with the help of the Civil.

The Federal Council to take a decision as soon

the lander governments adopted measures are effective immediately:

for All Swiss schools to stay up on 4. April closed. Sites are affected in the compulsory schools, universities and further training. Already scheduled examinations may only be used with strict protection measures carried out. In Restaurants, Bars and discos are permitted a maximum of 50 people. The persons present must also comply with the hygiene recommendations and keep your Distance. From now until the end of April, the Federal Council prohibits all events of 100 persons. If there is an overriding public interest, may grant the cantons of exceptions. In the case of events for up to 100 Participants, the measures for the protection of those present must be taken. This also applies to leisure establishments such as museums, sports centres, swimming pools or resorts.

With Material of the news Agency SDA.

The Live-revised report. In an earlier Version of this article, the state incorrectly that all teachers can work from home. This is true but only to vulnerable individuals and those who belong to a risk group.

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