In case of emergency, Netflix could be switched off

A novel Virus creates the what year, year-long discussions about the digitization of Switzerland: more and more workers and students need to wear with the idea

In case of emergency, Netflix could be switched off

A novel Virus creates the what year, year-long discussions about the digitization of Switzerland: more and more workers and students need to wear with the idea to temporarily work from home. The decision of the Federal Council, from Friday, to close until the beginning of April, all schools, is likely to force many parents to home office.

previously, schools like ETH Zurich have decided to take the lessons until the end of the Semester to adjust. Instead, online services are to be used, which are constantly expanded. The SRG has sent 2500 staff to the home office. The scheme is valid up to 5. April. And also for parts of the "view"editorial working from home is been prescribed.

to be able to work from home, it needs in addition to a Computer, a fast connection to the Internet and telephone accessibility. The interest in good equipment for home-based work to take in private households and business customers, i.e. in the case of large Telecom providers.

But if more and more employees are working from home and via the Internet on your company's programs access: How resilient are the networks? This question is also to the readers, as letters show the Tamedia Newspapers. Due to the increased use of the home office, the data traffic increases over the public telecommunications networks, such as the Federal office of communications confirmed. "This has a higher network utilization."

Also, industry expert, Ralf Beyeler from online comparison service money of the country, The danger is that the capacities are no longer sufficient, says: "present."

This is especially the case when workers claim to be in the home or a single technology, such as the mobile network of a service provider. "Is located in the vicinity of the apartment there is a school in the daytime, many young people are using the Smartphone, there could be shortages," says Beyeler.

Distribute the home-workers but your access to the two existing infrastructures, there is less capacity problems. Beyeler means by that, in addition to the mobile phone network, wired lines of the fixed network, so the classic copper cable or the cable TV.

The Telecom provider to reject concerns that their networks could be overloaded by increasing the home office. They point out that applications for home office need only a small proportion of the total data traffic.

heavy use in the evening

In the case of Swisscom, UPC and Sunrise also shows a similar picture with regard to the load on the infrastructure: the highest data consumption is in the evening, when many users simultaneously watch television and series on streaming services such as Netflix. On the day of the customers use the networks less. The three major operators show that there is, therefore, during the day, enough safety margins for additional access.

it Should – which is currently not expected to come to an Overloading of the networks that could let the Federal government together with the providers of the temporary shutdown of the "less-important services," dam. "Bandwidth-intensive Streaming services" could be affected in the event of an emergency shutdown, confirmed by Ofcom.Then it would mean focusing screen for Netflix, Youtube and co.

A possible course of action when an Overload of the networks would be that the Internet telephony takes precedence over the distribution of Audio and video gets the data.

growing interest in home office products

Swisscom recorded currently increasing requests to the home office-products, as stated by the market leader. To makes exact Figures, the company has no information. "In the current Situation, many companies are seeing the benefits of the digitization of jobs and a home office. You want to invest in such solutions," said a Swisscom spokeswoman. The state service offers home office offers only for commercial customers.

At Sunrise, more and more customers ask for Offers for a home office. As the number two informs in Switzerland, there is since the outbreak of the novel pathogen and, since the information campaign of the Federal government more than twice as many inquiries on the topic. "We also receive many requests from companies and their employees to increase the Internet bandwidth on your connections to home and mobile access to the Internet," says a Sunrise spokeswoman.

UPC also recognizes a Trend to the home office. "Currently, customers from work for more private during the day, at home from your Internet connection," says a spokeswoman for the largest cable operator in the country. The need for higher Internet speeds increases, both in private households as well as business customers.

The national cable network quick line expects its clientele with increased demand for mobile devices such as Smartphones and Laptops as well as video conferencing applications, such as a company spokeswoman explained.

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Updated Date: 13 March 2020, 23:02

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