Entry only with a permit

The Federal Council has decided that all of the limits with immediate effect, "location-dependent" can be re-performed controls. The stricter Regime applies o

Entry only with a permit

The Federal Council has decided that all of the limits with immediate effect, "location-dependent" can be re-performed controls. The stricter Regime applies on a provisional basis for a period of six months. Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter (FDP) has prescribed, as in the Schengen borders code, the EU Commission about this step into the picture.

The phrase "location-dependent" means that The interior Department, with health Minister Alain Berset (SP) at the top, leads a country and region list. On this list of risk areas and all high-risk countries are recorded. On the current list, only Italy appears so far.

The entry conditions, which will apply from today for Italy, are clear. In principle, the entry of which is prohibited in Switzerland. Exceptions apply for persons with a Swiss Pass and foreigners with valid residence permits. Also the country is left, who has a visa or assurance of a residence permit. Are also allowed to transit travel, commercial goods transportation or Travel for professional reasons. This last point concerns in particular cross-border Commuters, the need to have the appropriate certificate to it.

New high-risk countries

Federal councillor Karin Keller-Sutter said that the travel restrictions that iscurrently for Italy to apply, in the future, also for other neighbouring countries could apply. "At the moment, Italy is a high-risk country, we have a very different Situation than, for example, in France," said Keller-Sutter. This should not, however, mean that it is not for France or Germany, stricter measures may apply. "If another country becomes a high-risk country, it can be applied there, too."

The Federal Council on Friday in regulation, it may also be that the air traffic from high risk countries will be exposed to. Responsible for the interior Department (EDI) is also. The new regulation of the Federal Council principle also applies to the Schengen external borders at airports. What will be the concrete measures, have to set the interior Department, in consultation with the Department of foreign Affairs first.

waiver of the fever

pictures as they are part of the abroad known, it will not give in Switzerland. Accordingly, the Fever meter is not part of the guard to the new equipment the border. Daniel Koch from the Swiss Federal office for health, confirmed on Friday that the border no fever crossings will be measured. This is not an efficient measure. In addition, it is too late, for someone only a infection, and determine if the fever was determined. Here you have to be honest with you. Who have a fever, shouldn't be on the road.

With the control tasks in the framework of the new Federal Council regulation, is alone today, the Swiss Border guard (SBG) has, with its over 2000 members. This has been formed in the cantons of Ticino, Graubünden and Valais areas. The support of the army has not requested the GWK so far. On the question of whether this could be in the foreseeable future, says Matthias Simmen of the customs administration, support by the army to be part of future scenarios and resulting recommendations of the customs administration. He further says: "In the event of personnel shortages, the use of the military police is in the area of the security police tasks imaginable. In the area of logistics, the use of soldiers."

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