The depth of the case of Germany, goalie hope

He was silent, as tears came to his eyes. However, these tears, the Alexander shed Nübel last Saturday night, they were actually a loud cry of helplessness. A c

The depth of the case of Germany, goalie hope

He was silent, as tears came to his eyes. However, these tears, the Alexander shed Nübel last Saturday night, they were actually a loud cry of helplessness. A cry that was not heard clearly. Or wanted to be.

Because of the General outrage about it was that the 23-year-young man was mocked by his own Fans. "The multi-millionaire, that's nothing", so it is a popular comment in the Social media. As make money indifferent. He could're gonna buy the tears.

the Goalie of Schalke 04 time favorite of his Fans. And Captain of his team. Despite his young age. In 2015, he came from Paderborn in Schalke's second team, until he sat down at the beginning of 2019 final with the professionals and to the gate of the German national team was appointed. At least in the case of the U-21, he stormed to the European Championships in 2019, up in the Final.

The fatal exchange

Nübel is considered to be the great goalie talent in Germany, for some even as a goalkeeper coming in the world. Only in the case of Schalke, they believed, apparently, do not always – or, at least, not always consistently. There is no other way to explain the fact that the club were responsible, two years before the expiry of the contract, it is still necessary to extend these. So at least Michael Schulz, a consultant with the Goalies tells it: "There was never a recall in terms of extension of the contract."

In the summer, the working paper of Nübel ends, which is why he was allowed to from January free to choose who he wants to play in the coming season. He decided for Bayern, how to be a role model Manuel Neuer did. And flies him around the ears. A traitor he was. Undignified. Not even a transfer fee he leaves the Club, he had everything to thank for, so some of the allegations are.

He will be met with hostility, and, indeed, the bullied, because he fulfilled his contract. The subtle began, even before the Start of the second round. First, he was taken away by the captain of binding, then the critical issues were: Whether Nübel continue to be the number one in goal would be, was one that had to answer the Schalke coach David Wagner. Although he said that Nübel would get his fair Chance, however, let this set looks deep. Excluded that spare man Markus Schubert can aspire to in missions, if Nübel would have extended his contract for Royal blue. In fact, he was allowed to play after his Rotsperre again a couple of Times from the beginning, but the psychological pressure was greater. He knew the error he must allow no more.

The came and multiple. And with more and more malice. Last Nübel delivery at the 0:3 in Cologne a week ago, a bad own goal, the Schalke Fans applauded, the Cologne-supporters mocked. Then the tears came. What is not solidarity. Nübel, a 23-year-old footballer , was suddenly alone. "It is more or less self-explanatory how to do it for him," says Wagner, to the psychological state of his new number two. Because, in the Meantime, Nübel was demoted even officially for the replacement goalie, today he is sitting against Hoffenheim, as in the Cup during the week and on the bench. His coach said the opposite of the ARD way: "for me, That was the only alternative to the last two Games in which Alex very unhappy, has acted."

New, the Same was done by

So it is likely to expect Nübel barely, until the summer comes and he is allowed to move to Bayern Munich. There, the competition is not small, behind Manuel Neuer, the pressure is likely to be a lot less – in addition, he can learn from Germany's number 1 much.

both on and off the Football pitch. Because of the Champions League winner, world champion, seven-times German Champions and four times world goalkeeper experienced after his exchange of youth club Schalke to Bayern also bad hostility. The Bayern Fans received him with a life-sized doll, hung under a highway bridge. They preferred their former number 1, Thomas force. "We need to Koan Neuer, we ham force," was their Motto. That was in 2011. Today, he is a Captain in the national team, and Club and crowd favorite.

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