Colorful grey animal with seven letters

Emil Steinberger appears in the partner look with his wife Niccel and an elephant for the opening of the exhibition on the Rapperswil fish marketplace. All thre

Colorful grey animal with seven letters

Emil Steinberger appears in the partner look with his wife Niccel and an elephant for the opening of the exhibition on the Rapperswil fish marketplace. All three are wearing yellow. And a crossword puzzle as a pattern. The puzzles go. At least in the minds of some older people.

"Four-vertical – grey animal with four letters and starts with an E, then a letter is missing and it continues with EL. E-EL – LEECH..." – "The Telegraph officials" was the name of the number. Unforgettable! Only that this Time the gray animal has seven letters, and quite colorful.

Emil and Niccel Steinberger, Claudia and Franco's knee with the cross-word puzzle-elephant. Images: Samuel Schalch

Sixty elephants on the field at the port. They are as big as a Baby elephant, and artists painted. Just as many elephants housed the Circus Knie , there Are in total in his 100-year-old.

And actually, the circus dynasty, the knee is behind the elephant parade, which was opened yesterday afternoon. You will later pull through the Zurich main station and Zurich airport.

Irritated pushed When shopping on elephants.

the Initiator of this preparation is Claudia knee, the word passes, but after a short Greeting to her husband Franco knees. You don't like to speak into a microphone, she says. So her husband, former circus Director and elephant trainer, no problems. "The family wants to give with this project, the elephants, who have accompanied us so faithfully, a little." In 2016, the circus has decided, however, to show no elephants in the circus ring. The knee has switched to the breeding of Asian elephants in the children's zoo.

The action follows the company's global project Elephant Parade was founded in 2006 on the protection of the Asian elephant. Here, artists design elephant figurines, of which smaller versions are sold. At the end, the originals will be auctioned. The revenue flows in the protection projects.

oops! The beetle came out from under an elephant.

According to Franco the knee the will be mainly a project in Laos, where 50’000 hectares of Land secured, in order to protect the still living about sixty animals. In the past hundred years, i.e. ever since the Circus Knie, had shrunk their habitat by 95 percent.

"We want to continue with this Parade is also a cheerful, colorful counterpoint."Franco Knie

"The existence of the Asian elephant has declined in this period, an estimated half a Million to 35'000," says knee. Then he continues with reference to the Corona of the Situation: "We want to continue with this Parade here, but also a cheerful counterpoint."

Probably no Premiere

in fact, it is likely that this elephant parade is the Only thing you will see from the Circus Knie in the next few weeks. On the 19. March is announced the Premiere. You can take place, is rather unlikely. "It is a depressing Situation," says the son of Franco knees on the edge of the opening.

If the Bundesrat, the upper limit for the event to thousands of leave, will not be able to start the knee of his tour, probably. The new tent, the 2019 first came to use, has 2340 seats. "We are all ready and hope this goes over quickly. Also for the other operators."

a Selfie with an elephant. And in the middle of Rapperswil.

Corona has on these cheerful elephants parade an impact. A small, in the truest sense. Because the two elephants are much smaller than the other: the mule, which was paid for by Claudia and Franco Knie and by the artist Mirjam Binggeli, and the one of the couple's Steinberger with the crossword puzzle.

The big versions are stranded due to Corona in the port of Antwerp. "But will be restocked," says co-organizer Carolina Caroli.

The mule is on the small side. The Original remained in Antwerp to hang.

Emil assumes that at the end of the exhibition the empty Box in the crossword puzzle of the elephant filled out will be. "Elephants are smart animals!" But his copy is a real challenge, but are the already completed words is not beyond any doubt. Church Instrument? "Prgel".

exhibition at the fish market square in Rapperswil to 26. April 2020 At Zurich airport, from the 28. April to 2. June 2020 At the main station of Zurich from the 4. June to 14. June auction of the original: 27. June in the Himmapan Lodge in Rapperswil (children's zoo) for More information, you can find here.

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