Höcke and Kalbitz are right-wing extremists

"We don't know from German history that right-wing extremism in life only people, but also a democracy has been destroyed." With this experience, Thomas Hald

Höcke and Kalbitz are right-wing extremists

"We don't know from German history that right-wing extremism in life only people, but also a democracy has been destroyed." With this experience, Thomas Haldenwang, President of the German constitutional protection, it reasoned, why his office would in the future even more determined against right-wing extremism approach. "Right-wing extremists are the biggest threat to our democracy are up to date."


Who'm up against against them, must also "arsonist" and "accelerant" to the visor. Among the "racial agitators" Haldenwang politicians of the Alternative for Germany, is the third-largest party in the Bundestag. "From now on" look at you, the main flow of the my AfD , the so-called "wings", as "right-wing extremist efforts against the free democratic basic order" and I will observe them accordingly.

Haldenwang tightened so that the Monitoring of the "wing" and their most important Leaders, Björn Höcke, and Andreas Kalbitz. A year ago, the domestic secret service had classified the movement as a "suspected case". The suspicion was now confirmed, so Haldenwang. On the one hand, the "wings" more radicalized and with right-wing extremists outside the party linked to have. On the other, his influence in the AfD has grown in the last year.

The 2015 founded "wings" leads lists no members, the protection of the Constitution assumes, however, that about 7,000 people belong to. This would correspond to every fifth member of the party. AfD honor President Alexander Gauland estimates the proportion of a third to two-fifths. It is proved that since last year there is no candidate against the will of the "wing" more in high offices within the party can be selected. Gauland said last October: "Mr Höcke brings the party to the right. Mr Höcke is the center of the party."

Racial racism

The Thuringian land-in-chief of the constitutional protection, the presence of a coherent völkisches company image. Immigrants, especially Muslims, for the foreign body to be shot by the German people rejected, it may survive – if necessary with violence. Kalbitz, in turn, head of the AfD in Brandenburg and the most important masterminds of the "wing", has a flawless neo-Nazi biography, which he has never distanced. "Both of them are right-wing extremists", said Haldenwang. In the state elections in the autumn of Höcke and Kalbitz won almost a quarter of the votes.

All parties except the AfD welcomed the decision. The Greens and the social Democrats demanded, not only the "wings", but the entire party to monitor, as a "constitutional enemies" news service. The AfD itself has complained, here is an Organ of the state was misused in order to make a political opponents silenced. However, you will proceed with all legal means.

officials in the ranks of the "wing" is likely soon to disciplinary proceedings.

relativize the day before Haldenwang, announced the judgment of the office, had party sizes as Höcke, Kalbitz, or Gauland in the social media started, radical statements in the past to take back, or re-interpret. In the view of observers, they tried only to devalue the Material to the public, the experts of the constitutional protection have been based, but also complicate the attribution of earlier Statements in court. From the party experts and lawyers within the AfD's in-house "working party on the protection of the Constitution" had advised the politicians to urgently take this step.

The decision of the constitutional protection puts the party in great concern. Since they radicalized themselves, stagnating in the polls: in the case of 5 to 13 percent in the West, at 20 to 25 per cent in the East. The classification of the "wing" as a right-wing extremist could deter conservative voters are now permanent.

Personal disadvantages have to fear the many officials in the party. Police officers, soldiers, professors, or judges are obliged by the duty of loyalty to the defence of the Constitution; and in addition, you are prohibited extremist political Manifestations. Officials in the ranks of the "wing" should, therefore, come soon to disciplinary proceedings.

A police Union has already asked three Thuringian AfD-members to either leave the group or your office to the police to give up. Also Höcke, it might meet by the way: The former high school teacher is on leave as a civil servant only, not released.

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Updated Date: 13 March 2020, 08:00

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