So something drastic, there was still never

The gegroundete Car company "We get only Cancel": the family-owned company Hesscar has high losses because of the Coronavirus . Photo: Sabina Bobst Ca

So something drastic, there was still never

The gegroundete Car company

"We get only Cancel": the family-owned company Hesscar has high losses because of the Coronavirus . Photo: Sabina Bobst

Car is equivalent to entrepreneurs Corona a Grounding. Business and seniors events, break away, travel in the South are off-limits.

In Hesscar in Embrach are parked for eight of the nine Coaches in front of the Garage. At most, the number is removed. "So we can at least save the insurance," said Catherine Hess, the wife of co-owner Hanspeter Hess. Sitting in the office, be in the Moment, depressing. "We received only Refusals." The 20-year anniversary of the family business you would be driven in April, after Croatia. "We had to cancel the trip, the proximity to Italy was too risky."

On the Desk Katharina Hess has a bundle of papers, the request for short-time work. "We had to first Google it, and us smart do, how to do something." 13 employees the company has, most of them are home today. Chauffeur Roberto di Muro, the former midfielder of FC Zurich, just the frustration of the soul, dressing up in a Car. "So I have to do at least something."

The Car driver and former FCZ-soccer player, Roberto di Muro while Cleaning, instead of Driving. Photo: Sabina Bobst

"Our money is in the buses," said Catherine Hess, "the reserves we have are not many." A large bus costs about half a Million Swiss francs. The members of the family Hess, Kurt, his brother Peter with his wife Catherine, and son, Carlo – receive a salary more, so that you can keep the employee. Already, Kurt has recorded with leasing company contact to Advise delay.

The Situation is tricky. "For Hotels, we have to pay eight weeks in advance, a Deposit, group travel, we charge only in retrospect," says Katharina Hess. And individual customers receive from your insurance company nothing, if you are traveling in a country without a travel warning to be cancelled. "We have long-term customers and long-standing relationships with Hotels," says Catherine Hess, "we want to keep both."

April and may were the months for day trips from retirement homes and senior citizens groups. "Here, too, just Cancel," says the business woman. Faithful partners are also banks and insurance companies to drive customers to the Car from the airport to Davos or to other meeting places. "In this area as there is not much going."

a state of emergency in the tradition of bakery

Angela Berner in the back of the tradition of pastry shops. Photo: Boris Müller

Fritz Emil Berner in his pastry shop founded on Hottinger place in 1904. Since then, she has survived all the financial crises, two world wars, Ebola and the bird flu panic. "So something drastic as it is now there has never been," says Angela Berner, the great-niece of the founder. Worried, she looks through the window of a little shop outside, while beside her, a clerk with the disinfectant bottle is on the way.

The tense Situation, the family company with around a dozen employees hard. The sale at the counter went back last week to 20 percent. "We remember the lunch, at the busiest time," Berner says, "when people from the outside see a full Load, go ahead dear." The pastry has a second leg to stand on: the delivery of events. This leg crashed within a week in together. A vital part of the revenue comes from bulk orders from major banks, law firms and universities: mainly sandwiches or Desserts for Receptions.

"That's all cancelled. Everything," says Angela Berner, sighing. Seen In the Numbers, this is a sales slump by 80 percent. "And it's getting worse every day," she continues, "I hope that it ends like in Italy." The schools would close, then the Situation would be hardly more handle. Currently, the operation could still survive for a few months, says Berner: "We have always tried to cover money, but for small companies it is survival so difficult." On Thursday, the theme for the first Time, short-time work for discussion. Many employees live by the hourly wage, some are still studying.

Angela Berne itself also works as a yoga teacher. There, you will be paid per hour. To many participants say, it is empty. On government financial aid Angela's trusted neither as a teacher nor as a pastry chef. "I wish," she says. "But I think – as always – we will go under." A lot more you can do than to disinfect and hope. No one knew how to go on: "I have no idea. And that's what makes me so tired. The uncertainty of this constant uncertainty."

can Even the stage Builder from the Saved drain

Since it is in the indoor stadium has no Events, more, search for Helen Iten for Alternatives. Photo: Sabina Bobst

The year began for Helen Iten well. Very good, in fact. A Musical Tour in mid-March, two whole weeks, and then individual orders in the indoor stadium. "That would have been a comfortable cushion," she says on the phone. It would have been to build. But then the 28 came from. February, and the message: no more concerts with more than 1000 people. For the only way is to say, what should go in your main place of work on the stage, breaks. "And now?" Iten, she had digested the first shock asked.

Since 2017, the 33-Year-old works as a Stagehand. It builds for the big artists in the big Zurich-based halls to the stage. Semi-trailer unload, stage, scaffolding, lights and boxes install. "It's exhausting, but it is Rock 'n' Roll; I love the Job." This despite the fact that the days of Stagehands are long, more than ten hours. And they are poorly paid. Somewhere between 200 and 250 francs per application. Is billed at a fixed rate. For you, this is not enough, says Iten. As long as you could feed your cats and pay the bills, she is happy. In a good month, they make more than 20 applications. Depending on the order situation.

the crux of The matter: Because no Stagehand has a fixed contract of employment, carries each and every one of the risk – for example, in the case of sickness. What was for Iten once a hook, it needed to be removed at some point, is become since the end of February to the existential Problem. "The uncertainty among my colleagues is huge," she says. All are in search of alternatives. She has recently launched several inquiries. "We don't know yet whether we can claim as a Freelancer, now short-time work or degree to the welfare office to," she says.

Because she still has Savings, and a 20-percent workload in a different area, see Iten in a good position. You should not get into debt in order to pay rent and bills. But the question remains: for How long? The other discusses Iten currently together with the group of event professionals United. "The fight, better to obtain conditions for us, has already begun," she says.

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