She is still waiting for the answer of the President of Macron

started As Priscillia Ludosky on the Website an online petition, did not suspect that they would change France. Almost two years have passed since th

She is still waiting for the answer of the President of Macron

started As Priscillia Ludosky on the Website an online petition, did not suspect that they would change France. Almost two years have passed since the 34-Year-old against an environmental tax on petrol and fuels had fought back. After the newspaper "Le Parisien" had reported about it, she won in a short period of time, over a Million supporters. "How to travel in a TGV" may have been, she says.

Together with her former comrades-in-arms, the truck driver Eric car Drouet, called them Demos. The anger has shifted to the online world on the road. The "gilets jaunes" – the yellow West – were born. "I was surprised by the response to my Petition," she says. "But it didn't surprise me that the people had had enough of the politics."

the face of the protests

Priscillia Ludosky was to face the Yellow jackets. On television, she tells of the people, the feel of the policy left in the lurch, living in places where the hospitals are poorly equipped and hardly any buses pass by. A Youtube Video showing you the end of 2018, in the midst of the crowd in Paris: "We are exhausted and full of rage", calling for you.

Angry, the 34-Year-old will not work for a Meeting in Rüschlikon, where she spoke at the Gottlieb-Duttweiler-Institute,. She speaks with a soft voice and laughs a lot. Their parents have migrated from the French Caribbean island of Martinique to France. The father is driver, mother worked at the checkout. The money was scarce.

early on, she was aware of social concerns, but worked for a long time – for a founder of a protest movement rather unusually – in the case of the big Bank, BNP Paribas ("One has to pay the bills"). Later Ludosky sales biological cosmetics. She herself lives in Savigny-le-Temple, in the Banlieue of Paris. The suburb is an hour's drive away from the centre, and often only in connection with gang crime known.

"Where is the money?"

the movement Was a success? The woman with the Dreadlocks pulls a shot through the balance sheet. Thanks to the yellow West, many French people had been politicised. There have been discussion groups, in which the milieu borders was working.

at the same time Ludosky says she's still waiting for the opinion of the government to their questions. Although she had at the time, with their concern for success: President Emmanuel Macron had to make its planned price increase will be reversed.

"The a have problems with my skin color. Other not to fit it, that I'm a woman."Priscillia Ludosky

no longer is it Ludosky. It demands that the French government, more social justice, more participation rights for citizens and more accountability about what's happening with the tax money. "The taxes go up, but the government reduced everywhere, the public services," she says. "Where is the money?" she asks.

On Saturday, it is planned a large rally of the "gilets jaunes". Otherwise, the demonstrations declined markedly. Where once hundreds of thousands in the streets and traffic demonstrated the rotors, there are now only small groups. Residents had no desire for the often violent Saturday protests. Ludosky speaks out against violence, but it also says that it could deter rioters from the protests.

attacks don't keep you from

she Also denies that there is in the yellow West, radical Right-wing. Studies showed that conspiracy theories, often with an anti-Semitic impact, the "gilets jaunes" is the most popular. She herself had been treated with hostility in their ranks never to be racist. Hate you know from social networks. "Some have a Problem with my skin color. Other it's not that I'm a woman," she says. But unsettle you not letting the trolls.

A boost for the movement, she is hoping that the local elections due on Sunday. Around 35’000 cities to choose new mayor. In several cities, supporters and sympathizers of the yellow West is run on the joint lists. Ludosky finds that it is in the small villages, population surveys, and to let the people in political decisions. She speaks of a "laboratory of democracy" inspired by the direct democracy of Switzerland.

in addition to the transformation of the political system Priscillia Ludosky also deals with simpler matters: she is currently looking for a Job. Alone of the lectures, which keeps you coming soon to New York and Argentina, you can't live without. Well possible that you will leave France. Their applications had been unsuccessful, probably your Name would polarize too much. But even if you would move abroad, this does not mean that you will be silent: "I do, as long as it is necessary."

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