9 books from Quebec to give as gifts for Mother's Day

Are you looking for a gift to give to the one who already has (almost) everything? In view of Mother's Day, take a look at our reading suggestions among which you will certainly find something to entertain mom.

9 books from Quebec to give as gifts for Mother's Day

Are you looking for a gift to give to the one who already has (almost) everything? In view of Mother's Day, take a look at our reading suggestions among which you will certainly find something to entertain mom.

These 9 spring novelties, recently published by Les Éditeurs Réunis and Les Éditions JCL, are all works by Quebec authors. All you have to do is choose the style you want!

Period readings for time travel

This novel imagined by Nicole Villeneuve is the sequel to the first volume of Les Soigneuses: The Revelation. Greatly inspired by the stories of cutting sites and the mysterious power of alternative medicine, the author makes us live the evolution of the L'Heureux family, within which the young Pauline discovered a passion for the profession of healer. . We savor this story with enchantment!

This sequel to the best-selling novel Le chant des bruants: The lost brother is a poignant story that tells how Jeanne's family broke up following an unforgivable act committed by her older brother. Torn by circumstances, she will lead a quest to discover the truth. This work by Claude Coulombe offers an incursion into a distant era of our province.

Historical literature to dream about

This last volume in a series of three novels by Marylène Pion transports us to the world of the Ritz-Carlton at the beginning of the 20th century, when war was raging and news of soldiers who had gone into battle was rare. Ida Sloane, pregnant, apprehends the birth of her daughter while benefiting from the support of her friends, Violette and Candice. In the heart of the luxurious hotel in Montreal, we follow the beautiful Ida in her thoughts, her concerns and her most cherished secrets.

When Théophile Martin, widower and father of five children, announces to them that he will take the cousin of their deceased mother as his wife, the news does not pass. The four girls and the boy of the family therefore decide to do everything to sabotage the marriage, and will end up cracking the future mother by marriage. Will the Martin clan manage to find happiness after this new union? Marie Louise Monast's novel is a gem for lovers of period novels!

This historical series of two volumes written by Michèle B. Tremblay tells the story of Lauréanne and Léonce, who are about to build their dream life. Léonce, a very talented architect, will have the opportunity to set up his own business and allow the family to join the ranks of social life. But this ascent will not be without pitfalls... Will the couple be able to keep their values ​​and their love intact despite the pitfalls to cross?

Powerful sentimental romance

In this novel by Catherine Bourgault, we follow the bubbly Léa for a busy month. While her husband is in a coma, her best friend and lawyer, Alice, asks her for a great favor: to accompany her client who is trying to rebuild his image by pretending to be his girlfriend. However, even if the young man in question is rather contemptuous, Léa decides to coax him and to tame this attraction that she feels towards him. She will have 30 days to learn to hate him, because thereafter, she will have to return to the arms of her real boyfriend. Will she make it?

Chick bed light and fun

Alexandra Roy's latest novel chronicles the adventures of Alexia Roberge, hotel critic for a luxury tourism magazine, who flies to Costa Rica to change her life and help her best friend organize a yoga retreat. There, she meets an old flame, Samuel, who seems to have everything for him, while she accumulates failures (in love) on her side. While both find themselves competing for the same position, will she succeed in winning and making him regret this reunion? A romantic comedy with an exotic flavor!

Marie-Louise fell from the top when she left university when she realized that it would be difficult for her to find a permanent teaching job. She was forced to return to live with her parents and do substitute work for a while in order to start her career. This plan not being at all what she had in mind, she will go through many adventures, encounters, obstacles and learnings, as she officially enters the adult world. A story inspired by the own journey of the author, Andrée-Anne G. Dufour.

Lecture feel-good

Signed by Marie-Andrée Rompré, this novel immerses us in the inspiring story of Marianne, psychologist and mother of two children, who sees herself struggling with problems of anxiety and exhaustion. She decides to retire to Mexico in order to take care of herself, but will quickly realize that she will have to make bigger changes in her life in order to set the record straight. Will she come back completely transformed?

Give mom the perfect gift by getting your hands on one of these 9 Quebec novels found at Les Éditeurs Réunis and Les Éditions JCL. Good reading!


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