Milestone for Bubba Wallace: He earns his 1st NASCAR win

Bubba Wallace was the only Black driver to win at NASCAR’s highest Cup Series level, when it rained on Monday's playoff race at Talladega Superspeedway.

Milestone for Bubba Wallace: He earns his 1st NASCAR win

After a crash, Wallace was at the front of the field for five laps before the second stoppage of rain. NASCAR attempted to dry the track for almost 45 minutes but was forced to stop when it became dark and the rain didn't seem to be stopping.

Wallace was waiting on his pit stand, and celebrating with his crew when race time came. Wallace is currently in his first season with 23X1 Racing, which is owned by Denny Hamlin as well as Michael Jordan.

After returning to his No. 2 parked Toyota, Wallace wept. 23 Toyota. Jordan, the co-owner of the car, chose this number for him. He wore 23 in NBA.

Wallace choked back his tears and said, "This is for all kids out there who want an opportunity and whatever their goals are, and be the best at doing what they love." You're going through a lot (BS). You have to stay true to your course and not allow the nonsense to get in your way.

Stay strong. Keep your head down. Stay hungry. There have been many times when I wanted give up."

Wallace is the first Black driver at NASCAR's elite Cup race level to win since Wendell Scott 1963, a race in which he was not declared the winner for many months. Scott's trophy was finally presented by NASCAR to Scott's family two months ago.

Bill Lester was a Black NASCAR driver who raced intermittently from 1999 to this season's Trucks Series start. He tweeted his congratulations at Wallace.

He wrote, "Finally! It's official, it's done!" You are so proud of what you have accomplished. Your win is a huge step forward for @NASCAR on many fronts. Glad to have been a witness.

NASCAR found a noose inside Wallace's garage stall in Talladega on June 2020. This discovery came just one week after NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag at its events at Wallace’s request.

The FBI conducted an investigation and discovered that the noose had been tied at the end the garage door pull. It had been there for several months. This meant that Wallace was not the victim of hate crimes. However, the entire industry rallied behind Wallace and stood by him at his car at front of the grid prior to the race.

Talladega has faced problems with the flag ban. Since NASCAR banned the symbol from its tracks, a convoy of cars has paraded along Speedway Boulevard in Talladega. This weekend, the convoy returned and included one car pulling a trailer containing a Civil War-era cannon.

Wallace called the incident with the noose a low point of his life. Wallace has been the victim of constant online harassment, including a tweet last year from Donald Trump in which he falsely accused Wallace for making up the noose.

Wallace did not see the noose, and was only informed about it by Steve Phelps, NASCAR President. This was after the FBI had been summoned. He stated that he didn't think about the significance of winning his first Cup race at the same track as his native Alabama. He was born in Mobile.

"When you speak it like that, it brings a lot emotion and a lot joy to my family, friends, and fans. He said it was "really cool".

Wallace celebrated his 23XI Racing team's success by setting up a temporary victory lane in an empty garage stall. This organization was founded a year ago by Wallace. It was based on all of the corporations that joined NASCAR to support Wallace's social justice efforts.

23XI will have two more cars next season, with Kurt Busch, a former series champion joining the team.

Wallace's victory was his first Cup start in 142 years, but he has won six Truck Series races from 2013 to 2015.

Talladega was not the race that the playoff drivers won this weekend, and Denny Hamlin is now guaranteed a place in the third round of playoffs heading into next week's elimination race at Charlotte.

After his seventh-place finish, Hamlin, who is a three-time Daytona 500 champion, celebrated with Wallace.

"It's just more emotional because it's so difficult. Hamlin stated that these guys have worked so hard for the past 10 months to build this team. "We are still at the beginning stages with our team. We are still learning. There are some exciting things ahead of us. It's a great way to boost morale for everyone."

Brad Keselowski was second, followed by Joey Logano (Team Penske) in a pair Fords. Busch finished fourth in a Chevrolet.

In danger of being eliminated, Kevin Harvick and Christopher Bell, Alex Bowman, and William Byron travel to Charlotte.

The Roval at Charlotte Motor Speedway will host the final race of the second round. The field of twelve will be reduced to eight by the hybrid road/oval. Chase Elliott is twice the defending winner of The Roval's race. He won his first race in October, which was the first of his three victories in the five remaining races that led Elliott to his first Cup title.

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