When a godfather of the mexican drug plays the card of the public service - The Point

stronger than El Chapo ! We knew the power of the networks of the former baron of the mexican drug currently sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States

When a godfather of the mexican drug plays the card of the public service - The Point

stronger than El Chapo ! We knew the power of the networks of the former baron of the mexican drug currently sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States. But the man has found a master. His name ? Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, 54 years old, alias " El Mencho ", from a family of avocado farmers. Also mustache and also a cruelty without limits. At the head of the cartel Jalisco New Generation, a strong organization with a revenue of $ 50 billion, El Mencho is at the top of the wanted criminals by the Mexican and the DEA, the u.s. drug enforcement administration. Washington even offers a reward of $ 10 million for information leading to his capture.

now that El Mencho sign a realization of the novel : the construction of a hospital. A facility erected in his stronghold, the heart of the State of Jalisco, located 500 kilometres west of Mexico city. And which has for vocation to treat the premises. But not only that. Also members of his bodyguard and wounded fighters during the clashes with the forces of law and order. The rumor even claims that it would have funded in order to receive, himself, care. A treatment for his kidneys in bad shape. "It is an investment intended to increase its popularity and to thank the people of the region who provide the logistics to his troops," stresses Falko Ernst, a specialist on drug cartels at the International Crisis Group in Mexico city. "El Mencho frequent more hospitals of the large cities of the State of Jalisco. "

The never-seen

It does, never a criminal organisation has played to this point the board of public service. Certainly, the pandemic has allowed the traffickers to stage through the delivery of masks and food parcels. In the past, members of the Zetas were built in the vicinity of Veracruz routes claimed by the peasants. But building a care centre to the beard of the mexican State, none had dared.

all that the place offers all the guarantees of security to the sponsor of the drug. The building has an operating room and a delivery room is situated in the locality of El Alcihuatl, itself located within 50 kilometers of a town of 10,000 inhabitants, called the Villa Purification, a place almost impregnable cartel, and is known for his feats of arms. It is there that in 2015 the men of El Mencho were shot out of a rocket an army helicopter killing nine soldiers. A never-before-seen in the war between the government and the narcos.

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And since the empire of El Mencho extends. It is gaining ground in the centre of the country and is able now to make the junction with the gulf of Mexico, which they control most of the coastline. All for the price of pitched battles with the military and targeted attacks. In June, El Mencho even takes it a step further. His killers tend an ambush to the head of the police of Mexico city, Omar Garcia Harfuch. An assault led by 28 people in the heavy weapon in the heart of the morning on an avenue of the capital, near the embassy district. Two body guards of the convoy and a woman perish. The employee affected of the three balls is doing miraculously. The scene marks the spirits, as up until now, Mexico city remains relatively untouched by the violence of the cartels. And above all it is the first time that a group is trying to eliminate a leading personality.

Impotence Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

in the Face of the strategy out of the chaos of El Mencho, the new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador shows a helpless. Since his arrival to power in 2018, the number of murders jumped up : 35 000 in 2019, the figure is the highest annual for the past 22 years. And its success in the fight against drugs are rare. One case notable : the arrest on August 5, Jose Antonio Yepez, said El Marro, the boss of the cartel de Santa Rosa de Lima. A driving operation using helicopters, drones and hundreds of soldiers. Except that the setting aside of the person concerned is akin to a publicity stunt for the power and business... of El Mencho. "All two clashed in the State of Guanajuato, explains the expert Falko Ernst, El Mencho can now increase its presence and concentrate its forces elsewhere." While the amount hospitals...

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El Mencho, the new terror of Mexico

Date Of Update: 07 August 2020, 17:33

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