Feces in bed: The process Johnny Depp against Amber Heard knows only losers

war of the roses before the court: Rare great Britain has experienced such a mud battle of Celebrities are in a process, as in the case of the U.S. actors Johnn

Feces in bed: The process Johnny Depp against Amber Heard knows only losers

war of the roses before the court: Rare great Britain has experienced such a mud battle of Celebrities are in a process, as in the case of the U.S. actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Drugs, alcohol abuse, a severed finger, feces in the bed and violence allegations: a week long signed Depp (57) and his 23 years younger Ex-wife, the image of a deeply destructive relationship.

The core question was: Is Depp ("pirates of the Caribbean") a Wife beater? Also on Tuesday, the last day it was in court. The verdict will only be announced in a few weeks.

"It was incredibly painful,"

The last Day of the trial, many of the Fans were gathered in front of the High Court in London. They had flowers and called Depp, who came in the grey suit and black shirt, encouragingly: "We love you!" or "justice for Johnny!". Heard appeared in a black dress and holding hands with her partner, Bianca Butti to the process.

Since 7. July had coated both sides with accusations. Depp's lawyer called Heard to conclude even a "compulsive liar". Never in his life, your Ex-husband have been beaten by a woman. In their opinion Heard, said: "It was incredibly painful to experience the separation of my relationship ... and the most traumatic and to share the most intimate Details of my life with Johnny before the court." Reuters/Frank Augstein/AP/dpa Amber Heard at the time of their arrival at the High Court on the last day of the hearings.

Severed fingertips

Depp complains against the publisher of the British tabloid "The Sun" because of an article in which it was alleged that he had is Heard physically abused. The actress said that she had been scared to death of him: "He has threatened me many times explicitly so, to kill me." Heard presented photos allegedly of Depp caused a stain. He choked kicked often yelled at, even. She accused her Ex-husband, "to be very good at Manipulating people". For his misconduct he had made a "Monster" responsible.

However, Depp turned in the process the tables: He accused his Ex-wife to be violent, have been. So you've thrown, for example, in one of the many dispute is a bottle on him and thus a part of his finger cut off. With the blood he had painted a mirror. The relationship to be Heard ("Zombieland") had been "complicated", he never did to her but violence.

His Ex-Girlfriends to defend Depp

support got Depp in written statements by prominent Ex-partners. US actress Winona Ryder (48) said she had met Depp while their four-year relationship only as a "really good man". He never was violent or abusive towards anyone had been. The French singer Vanessa Paradis (47), with Depp for 14 years together and two grown-up children, has expressed a positive: you've seen him as a "friendly, attentive, generous and not violent".

Depp is one of the best-paid actors in Hollywood. He and Heard had met during the filming of the movie "The Rum Diary" and in 2015 will be married. They parted, but already in 2016, after only 15 months of marriage again. Reuters/Aaron Chown/PA Wire/Reuters Johnny Depp on his arrival at the High Court.

there is no doubt that was in the process: Depp suffered again and again under his drug and alcohol addiction. Also, he admitted that. He was in a frenzy of violence against his Ex-wife? Or Heard plays a bad game to get as an actress with a view to their career more attention?

is Not the only process between Depp and Heard

judge Andrew Nicol in London must now weigh all of the statements carefully, and a judgment meeting: The will be only known in a few weeks, probably in September, said a court spokeswoman for the German press Agency.

It is the only court in the examination of the couple: in the USA, Depp has filed because of the violence allegations a defamation of character lawsuit. He complains there, but directly against his Ex-wife. You had reported in the "Washington Post" about their experiences of violence - without mentioning Depp, however, when name.

no Matter how the trial in London begins: commentators think that both are already the losers. As a fierce mutual accusations and insights will be settled into private life. A winner in the internationally acclaimed process is likely to be it still is – regardless of the verdict: the "Sun". More News from the world of culture and entertainment

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