Tebún is a president illegitimate, and hardly be able to govern Algeria

From his office, located in the heart of Algiers, the lawyer Mustafa Buchachi (Sidi Abdelaziz, 1954), you can observe the massive protests that have shaken Alge

Tebún is a president illegitimate, and hardly be able to govern Algeria

From his office, located in the heart of Algiers, the lawyer Mustafa Buchachi (Sidi Abdelaziz, 1954), you can observe the massive protests that have shaken Algeria since ten months ago. However, this former mp and former president of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights has preferred live demonstrations to the foot of the street since its inception. Many consider him the spiritual father of the Hirak (the Movement, in Arabic). Talk by phone after that Abdelmayid Tebún outside invested as president of Algeria after a few answered elections.


Cry in the streets of Algeria against the new president, The algerians elect a new president among five candidates from the old regime to The popular revolt algerian stranded

Question. What do you think of the recent presidential?

Response. were Not a real election. Most of the algerians have been boycotted because they were imposed. Abdelmayid Tebún is a president poorly chosen and you will find it difficult to manage the country. There were proposals to reach a consensus regarding the conditions of the elections, but The power [as the demonstrators chanted for the regime] rejected any dialogue with the political class to design a joint roadmap. These elections are answered because they are the same that placed the former president. It is a pity. We would have been able to organise a transparent, in that it presented many candidates of the opposition, but it has wasted a chance to move towards democracy.

Q. do you Think that there were some elections clean?

A. I Think that the system has manipulated the will of the algerian people. I can't tell if Tebún won, or if he really got the 58% of the votes, but inflated the number of participants. Some reports indicate that it would not have voted even 10% of the population [the official rate of participation was almost 40%]. Even if the official results are certain, would have voted less than nine million. Are fraudulent elections, neither the political class nor the opposition have participated.

Q. do you Think that Tebún is the political leader's most powerful country?

A. When you are poorly chosen, without popular legitimacy, you will encounter difficulties to address the political and economic problems. Is the algerian political system who has made this president, not the people. That is why it is a weak president, that you will need of those who placed it. Thousands of people have rallied to tell you that has not been democratically elected, is illegitimate. And this will hurt the role of Algeria in the Mediterranean and in the region.

Q. are you in favor of negotiating with the president Tebún?

A. he says He wants to dialogue with everyone. The algerians are not against dialogue, but before you must meet a number of conditions, as to put an end to the arrests of activists, the release of political prisoners or the opening of the media space. You must also ensure the freedom of expression, association, and movement. The Government puts obstacles to the people who want to come to manifest himself to Algiers. The dialog should not have as objective the maintenance of the system, but the transition to a true democracy in which the algerians to choose their representatives in the institutions.

Q. Related to the Government argue that the Hirak is a movement disorganized, unable to offer partners...

A. Up to now, we have not seen any utility in having a representative or a spokesperson because The power does not want to engage in a dialogue. It has ignored the Hirak. If The power I'd like to open a frank dialogue, it would not be difficult to find people, symbols, to negotiate on their behalf. Of time, not having representatives has given us strength.

Q. how You could be one of them?

A. No, I prefer to be a militant. This is a revolution of young people. They have made it and I think those who should represent it are the young people, especially those in prison.

Q. What is the future of the Hirak?

A. The Hirak and this peaceful revolution will continue because the present power and this president are illegitimate. That is just my opinion, I do not speak on their behalf.

Q. do you Fear that the movement may fall into the violence?

A. No, the algerians are aware, peaceful, and they are determined to go to the end to achieve democracy. In these ten months there has not been a piece of broken glass, nor assault have been involved all the cities... it Is extraordinary.

Q. What do you think the attitude of the foreign Governments?

A. This is revolution of the algerians and we do not want to help us from abroad. I do not know of a revolution that has triumphed following an agenda foreign to you. That is why we have said no to the interference. There are countries in the West and in the East that do not want us to be a democracy because that would affect their interests. A dictatorship is always more accommodating to the foreigner so that the stop quiet.

Q. what Should the West be afraid of that scenario?

A. not In principle. Democracy will bring hope, and there will be fewer algerians want to emigrate and there will even be algerians in the diaspora who want to return. They have also been very active in the movement. An Algeria democratic able to have good relations with all the world, will not be the area of influence of anyone.

Q. Some fear a victory of the islamists that leads into another conflict like that of the nineties.

A. The situation now has nothing to do with it. In the nineties, there was a party who was leading [the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS),], now is all the people. The Hirak does not have a political color. The way people that he hasn't been active in a party, but for democracy. I'm optimistic that we're going toward that democracy and bring stability to the country and the entire region.

Date Of Update: 28 December 2019, 20:00