The career of Joe Biden for the hispanic vote

“We've come here to win Texas!”. Joe Biden speaking to a group of about 300 people in a square in the centre of San Antonio, one of the main cities of the sout

The career of Joe Biden for the hispanic vote

“We've come here to win Texas!”. Joe Biden speaking to a group of about 300 people in a square in the centre of San Antonio, one of the main cities of the southern State. When harangue on a democrat victory in this great fief republican, the fans begin to chant his name. It's Friday, the 13th of December, and the vice-chair of the Obama era has made it a stop on their frequent routes in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he fought the first rounds of democratic primaries, to activate the bases in texas, each time more present in the calculations of the strategists.


The democratic candidates clash with two strategies for 2020: revolution or reform is The son of Biden admits that his work in Ukraine was an “error of judgment” Biden strengthens his lead in the primary democrátas

“What it says a bad president matter”, cries out the pre-candidate, “he said that there would be an invasion of latinos crossing the border and after a time a man committed a brutal attack on The Step”. “Let Donald Trump do not even know what country we are from!”, protest. A few minutes later, a follower trumpista mixed in among the audience interrupts by shouting the address to attack. It will be the first of several attempts to boycott the rally. A few days before, in New Hampshire, it has happened something similar.

“It shows that the candidate to fear most is Joe Biden,” notes Christopher Alex, campaign advisor. Two things called the attention of the rally if you buy him with the rest of the aspirants to the nomination democratic of 2020. One, that your discourse seems the of already a candidate proclaimed, is dumped on the need to erase for ever the was a Trump, and passes on tiptoe on the specifics of their plans or their differences with the rest of his rivals. Another, that none of them seem to arouse so much anger from the republicans.

The political veteran, 76 years of age, comes of a few tough weeks. The research of impeachment to Trump splashed, as the scandal of the pressures of the president to Ukraine, the heart of this case, we aimed to him and his son Hunter, who worked for a company gas company in the country when his father was vice president. In the media there has come to enjoy his momentum, eclipsed by the pull of figures such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg, despite the fact that the polls at the national level remain stubbornly in their favor.

Biden stands out first with 28%, according to the award prepared by Real Clear Politics, which is almost 10 points away from Sanders (18.8%) and 13 of Warren (15.2 per cent). In the networks and the owners, however, the rock stars seem to others. “We in the campaign there is no surprise, when you see the support of so broad and so clear, every place, is what they reflect these polls,” adds Alex.

The contest between Biden, Sanders and Warren, the three occupants of the podium democrat this primary, reflects an ideological battle in the background. The first represents the current centrist and moderate, and the two seconds are framed in the circle to the left of the party. But, if something unites them all, is the need to win the hispanic vote, fundamental in places like California, Texas and Nevada, and, above all, increasingly active.

the legislative elections of November 2018, which gave the democrats the greatest victory in more than 40 years, the number of latino voters doubled in respect of 2014, of the 6.8 to 11.7 million, according to data from the Pew Research, the institute of sociological analysis of reference in EE UU. Their participation rate rose by 13 percentage points, from 27% to 40%, although it remains low relative to that of whites (57%), and for the presidential elections of next year will become the so-called “minority” with the greatest weight at the polls.

In a survey last September on latino voters, conducted by Univision, Biden stood at the head, with 22%, followed by senator Sanders (20%), while the only latino in the race, Julian Castro, left, with 12%. The democratic primaries are showing that it is not necessary to be young to seduce the voting age, as a test of the loyalty of the millennials to Sanders, 78 years old, and that the lineage hispanic or Spanish knowledge are not the secret to success with this electorate.

In the bet Latin of the senator from Vermont is the weight of the support of the young star democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a congressman from the Bronx. The campaign Biden, as reflected by his speech in San Antonio, is paying special attention to the border, and the racial tension that was Trump has turned on. It is significant that the recent visit of the wife of the vice president, Jill Biden, at the refugee camp of Matomoros, in the mexican State of Tamaulipas, to speak with asylum seekers.

earlier this month, the former vice president submitted a reform immigration, which, in general, supposed to turn to after the most harsh of the republican Administration -as the new restrictions to apply for asylum, or the obligation to await the outcome of the process on the other side of the border, among others-establishes a process to citizenship for dreamers (migrants who arrived irregularly as children and have grown up in the USA) and favors that the cities are able to ask for more visas.

In the rally of San Antonio spoke of the border, but also of healing and of war veterans, from the revolutionary mood of the speeches of Biden. Is what Rosie Hopkins, a computing 55 years old, I wanted to hear. “I like Biden because he is moderate and, for me, the best option to take to Trump, in addition has the recognition of having been vice president of Obama,” he said. The democrat from Texas is not like California.

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