Column | The year of the 20-20-20 targets comes full of uncertainties

over the decade, those responsible have not stopped setting goals for 2020. For example, the EU had proposed that 75% of the population between 20 and 64 years

Column | The year of the 20-20-20 targets comes full of uncertainties

over the decade, those responsible have not stopped setting goals for 2020. For example, the EU had proposed that 75% of the population between 20 and 64 years were in employment on that date; the 3% of GDP is invested in R & D; that in order to fight against climate change and to facilitate energy sustainability, reducing a 20% (or 30% if the conditions exist) emissions of greenhouse gases and an increase of 20% renewable energies and 20% energy efficiency (20-20-20), among other objectives.

Acciona continues his love affair with Australia. Continues the romance of Operates with Australia, a country that has interests since 2002. The company which presides over the José Manuel Entrecanales has just been awarded a plant for transforming waste into energy in East Rockingham (west of the country) for about 300 million euros. When complete, it will process around 300,000 tonnes of waste a year, which will avoid more than 300,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year. The facility will have a net capacity of renewable electricity production of about 29MW, equivalent to the consumption of more than 36,000 households.

Endesa takes advantage of the mining urban. mining urban, the recovery of raw materials from waste electronic or electrical existing in the cities, gains weight at the global level and become a paradigm of circular economy. Endesa already operates and wants to reinforce it. According to the company directed by José Rowers, the ‘stock’ of aluminum, copper, steel and iron, the network reaches the 908.000 ton, which will be recycled in its entirety once they have completed their life cycle. The past year went to recycling more than 3,600 tons, 50% more than the previous year.

The image of Spain with the renowned brands. Spain Global Forum of leading Brands of Spain signed on Monday an agreement with the aim of establishing a framework of cooperation for activities that contribute to enhance and strengthen the image of Spain. Ignacio Osborne, president of Renowned Brands and Osborne, and Irene Lozano, Spain's Global, agree on the need to consider the strategic character of the promotion, enhancement and dissemination of the presence and of the image of Spain abroad, which is why you have signed this framework convention.

To all this we must add the so-called “flagship initiatives”, consisting of priority actions to encourage innovation, the digital economy, employment, youth, industrial policy, the fight against poverty and the efficient use of resources. That is to say, there has been no complete and require plans to boost the economy. In the case of the Spanish were raised, reforms in the financial sector and the labour market and comprehensive plans in fiscal discipline and to improve the competitiveness and boosting growth.

well, reached the year-target 2020 throng the uncertainties following has not been possible to comply with everything, despite the progress. Neither in banking nor in the ecological transition, or social demands (pensions), or in taxation, or in industry, or even in technology. However, reassured the masses by the best prospects in the economy ( Luis de Guindos dixit), tap propose new tasks for the next year-goal, the 2030.

The global landscape is presented with a trade war in the developing solution between China and the united States, a country enters election year with everything that has an impact on economic decisions. These two countries are locked in a pulse, which is also Europe, for the 5G, which is in the key year. It also opens an important gap in the automotive sector by the unstoppable march of the electric vehicle and living a stage of integrations.

Although it primarily affects German industry, it also impacts on the Spanish. This obliges the Government not to neglect the measures for the next few years in that, as you have claimed the unions, companies and Administration must push for innovation in the productive fabric. For the Executive are other pending proceedings, such as reforms of pensions and of the regional finances. As you will see if you go to correct the last labor reform and raising the minimum wage, as demanded by the unions, and reject the employers, and if you enter the rate Google and the financial transactions tax. Still in the eaves of the everlasting covenant of the State in education and training.

pending reforms such as pensions and the funding autonomous community

The financial sector maintains the expectation on cross-border operations

Meanwhile, in the financial sector has not stopped talking to each other that we were going to produce cross-border mergers between large entities of the different countries of the EU. However, given the fact that no one moves. They have not even started the planned within the same country. It may be because the sector is the expectation of the changes that are occurring for the digital transformation and the changes of uses that have made them move to positions more social.

In Spain, in this case, there has been talk of operations that would be involved entities, medium-sized from the old boxes (Abanca, Unicaja, Liberbank, Ibercaja, Kutxabank) and banks such as Sabadell and Bankinter (Liberbank and Unicaja are still with contacts). Separate case is Bankia, of most state and about which we Can ask not reprivatizarlo, and the Popular, which ended up in the hands of Santander when he was already in free fall. This bank is, next to the BBVA bank, of the so-called protagonist of such mergers on the mainland. Perhaps that is why the ECB has asked for information to the Spanish court on the status of BBVA, in the case Villarejo, something that is not exactly a good start to negotiations.

climate change is another front that mark the economic performance. It is necessary, as was evident in the recent Madrid summit, to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. That means to decarbonise the economy and requires structural changes in the patterns of generation and consumption of the users. To achieve this it is necessary that the consuming sectors (transport, industry and building) is electrifiquen. There plays a key role the electricity sector to integrate renewable energy and achieve the lowest cost. In this process, the digitalization is indispensable, because it allows the consumer to adapt to the new possibilities of uses, such as the self-consumption, distributed generation and demand management.

Prey movie

The director, Tim Miller, during the filming.

The dam of Aldeadávila hydroelectric plant, owned by Iberdrola, has become the scene of the sixth installment of ‘Terminator’, ‘Target Dark’. This hydroelectric facility, which is surrounded also scenes of ‘Doctor Zhivago’ and ‘The cabin’, is located in the canyon of the lower stretch of the Arribes del Duero, in the province of Salamanca, has 140 meters high by 250 wide, and can be impounds 115 cubic hectometres in a surface area of 368 hectares, equivalent to almost 97 stadiums such as the Bernabeu.

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