Corona-Chaos in Bavaria: the mayor will send a fire letter On father's day hell's going on more | Jachenau

Hardly there is Corona-loose, to be re-charged to the mountains. On Sunday, complete Chaos prevailed in part. Also, on father's day, a lot was going on. Baye

Corona-Chaos in Bavaria: the mayor will send a fire letter On father's day hell's going on  more | Jachenau

Hardly there is Corona-loose, to be re-charged to the mountains. On Sunday, complete Chaos prevailed in part. Also, on father's day, a lot was going on.

Bayern has not survived the Corona-crisis* is long But after the first easing flows of people wrote back from the town in the mountains A mayor , therefore, now has a brand letter to Munich for More on this topic and many other exciting stories are there in our App or in our weekly regions-Newsletter for Bad Tölz.

Update 21. May: The media onslaught on Christ's ascension was almost as big as the excursion traffic: The ZDF was at the father's day in the Walchensee-Region present the BR After the traffic and Parking collapse last Sunday, had a nationwide hit the headlines, wanted to make the TV station in the company of Kochels mayor Thomas wood apparently, even a picture of the situation.

day trips from Munich: Increased police presence at the Walchensee effect

you were not disappointed – even if not quite as much going on as last. "It was not as bad as on Sunday," said wood, in a first assessment on Thursday afternoon. "Maybe it is really something we have tried by the media."

wood thus plays on the public Appeals by him and his jachen Auer counterpart Klaus rauchenberger (see original article below). Both of them had asked for the day guests to comply with the applicable Parking regulations and to take consideration to each other.

day trippers rush at the Walchensee: the wall-Parking is already at 6 in the morning full

Nevertheless, the cars were even yesterday, for example, to the South Bank road to the Walch lake is dense. "But we were able to prevent the streets and emergency routes were blocked," said the Tölzer police chief John Kufner. One of the main objectives had been achieved.

At the Urging of wood had gotten the two local Services reinforcement of the control motorcycle and a unit of the riot police. Wood was satisfied with the increased police presence, especially since the Kochler police would have had up to 15 at "not a Minute of time, to deal with the issue of Walchensee". The officials had otherwise been in use.

Also on the lake Tegernsee and lake Schliersee, the day trippers rush brought traffic literally to a Standstill.

Next week, wants to use wood in an interview in the interior Ministry, the local services also in the future, on the weekends, and to support public holidays. The increased police presence had made a "powerful impression with the Locals". Surprised wood showed that the wall Parking at the top of the pass already before 6 o'clock were in the morning had been nearly full. I told him a friend was there by 5.15 PM. In the Jachenau in the Opening of a Meadow made according to the Tölzer police chief Kufner just before entering the village for relaxation. "There's 300 vehicles were determined."

farmer in Jachenau Lawn as a Parking lot available

mayor Smoking Bergers thanks in this regard go to the farmer Josef Orterer that made the Lawn in front of the car dealership available. "A permanent solution but it is not." Overall, Smoking Berger was satisfied. "This has worked out quite well, even if the rush was tremendous." The city hall head suspected that even more was going on than last Sunday. For a final balance, it was late Sunday afternoon but still too early, because the holiday traffic had not yet used. The chief of police Kufner was expecting massive traffic, because according to experience, want to all at once to drive home.

+ All of the Parking spaces occupied: So it was on Sunday at the Walchensee.©Lotti rose garden/private

Original report from the 19th century. May: Kochel/Aschau –Sunday morning in the shadow of the Kampenwand – the-wall Parking lot behind gschwendt is bursting from the seams. Day trippers Parking on the narrow access roads. Even the meadows and fields of the farmers are not spared – Coronavirus, was there something?

The weather was on Sunday Locals, but also many from Munich and the Munich area in the mountains. The police reported in Brannenburg of a "constant influx of vehicles". Especially in the area of Bad Feilnbach and Samerberg due to the influx of the Hiking Parking lots to traffic jams. Against 10 clock in the wall Parking lots were crowded. In Prien am Chiemsee stormed the relaxation at the end of the lake.

Similar images were described from the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen , where, for example, in the Wake of parked boiler between Kochel - and Walchensee were also crowds of motorcyclists on the road. Of the "brutal excursion traffic" speaks of the Tölzer police chief John Kufner. A Patrol had counted on the B 13 from Lenggries to bad Tölz in twelve minutes, nearly 90 motorcycles in one direction. The descriptions of the traffic situation here range from "crazy" and "disaster" to "hell".

Corona in Bavaria: Chaos in the mountains - the mayor of fire, the letter sent to Munich

Hans Schandl citizens of the small community of Jachenau . He, too, has become angry on Sunday about the trip chaos, and an E-Mail to district administrator Josef Niedermaier written. "Here is urgently called for the policy to seek short-term measures, a traffic gridlock, not only with us, but also in the many other destinations to prevent." Schandl holds even " tickets " in the recreation areas makes sense.

the Latter may be a single opinion. However, the Kocheler mayor Thomas wood is alarmed by the onslaught of visitors the greater Munich area learning, primarily from the . The boiler everything had been parked. "The mountain and the mountain down" prevailed up of traffic congestion. Such a traffic situation like on Sunday he had "never experienced," says the mayor of Jachenau, Klaus Rauchenberger. Wall Parking, for example, at the jachen Auer "protect the house", had already been around 9 PM. Also the meadows were abused as Parking miss, the for mowing ready Grass trampled. Smoking, Berger hopes that it will not be in the course of the summer is always so bad – when the border to Austria is open again, could distribute the days of tourism.

Corona in Bavaria: Munich create Chaos in the mountains

Kochels mayor Thomas wood, however, yesterday, the Bavarian has asked the Ministry of the interior in a Letter to more staff for the police station in Kochel or to gain by the riot police. "With a Patrol alone, this is not to cover," he says. He also hopes the fact that traffic violations will be easier and better to be punished – because the purpose was Association for the local traffic monitoring.

residents Hans Schandl is angry meanwhile about the double standards of some wild Parker. "People are dying to sign at home against the bees and go for the environmental protection Friday on the road. When it comes to personal freedom, all is forgotten and it is only your own selfishness.“

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Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 23:34

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